Way after the fact February Ipsy

February Ipsy bag,

Nail polish!

A kick ass brush (this alone would cost more than the entire bag I’m sure)


Highlighter, as the weather heats up this will come in handy


Same here, summer is on it’s way in!!

Now lets look at some of the delicious food I’ve been eating

Breakfast sandwich 

Chickenless chicken noodle soup lol and grilled cheese on 12 grain bread

Gordon’s beer battered fish fillets and curly fries

Onion bagel toasted with cream cheese and pickles and cheese

This awesome chinese salad

I love food. 

Went to the gym 3 times so far this week.  2 strength training and one cardio. 

How is your week going?

Ipsy month 3 and some other tidbits

Hi!!! The snow is really sticking around here. Most of the main streets are plowed but the side streets are still pure packed ice, as in snow that has melted then refroze. It’s a mess. It’s got 2 more days to melt a bit before I need to drive. 

Now the Ipsy bag

I like this design, I could totally carry this around as a little clutch. 

Definitely can’t wait to try some lipgasm lol

This one is perfect for this time of year! I coat on so much chapstick for my dry lips.

I am excited to see if this prolongs the life of my nail Polish, it always chips off so fast.

Bronzer!! It’s freezing here, literally, so this will bring a bit of summer to my life

And the perfect shade for a little multi-use makeup. In my world this can be eye shadow or blush, and maybe even lip gloss depending on the consistency. 

From last months bag I am LOVING the curling gel and the mascara. The lilac eye liner is nice as well and the green eye shadow is fun.

The BF and I hit up WinCo last night and for pennies I bought a bunch of stuff to make an awesome trail mix for munching on this week while studying 

I also made some white chicken chili 

I took 4 recipes I found on pintrest and took what I liked from each one and made my own version. I also bought cream cheese instead of sour cream and just went with it hahahaha! It turned out pretty awesome actually. 

Today my BF, roommate, roommate’s BF and I attemped to do a museum tour around Portland but almost everything was closed!!! Dang snow strikes again. 

We were able to hit the vacuum museum 

And hit OMSI our biggest museum around, we watched a 25 minute presentation on the night sky in Portland. It was pretty cool, the projected the night sky on the ceiling of a domed room. It looked amazing!!!

How is your winter going?

December Ipsy bag

Once again for $10 I got a little treat, and it couldn’t come at a better time. 

It came in a glam bag, perfect for New Years Eve, if you are going out. 

This is what it came with:

Radiance renewal mask, can’t wait to try it

Excited to see how this dark green color looks on my brown eyes

Eyeliner, the color is iris so it should be a nice dark color within being overly dark like last months black eyeliner 

Not sure how i feel about this. I like shiny lips over matte, but I’ll give it a try

Last but definitely not least, I’m really excited about this, I am always looking for a great hair product that will enhance my curls and ease frizz. 

Results of last month’s ipsy:

I liked 3 of the 5 items. The black eyeliner was waaaay too dark on me and the lipstick/gloss was a weird pink that i didn’t like. But I liked the mascara, the nail polish and the face serum. All in all it’s still a bargin for 10 bucks. 

My first Ipsy bag

A few weeks ago I ran out of mascara and went to go shopping for a new one. It had been so long since I had bought a new mascara that I forgot how expensive it is! Why would I pay $10 for a single mascara when I could pay the same for a whole bag of samples? With that thought in mind I signed up for Ipsy.

Cute bag

Its a greenishy blue color. My nail painting leaves something to be desired lol. Hopefully painting them will help me stop biting them again

I’m excited to try this out. 

Looks fancy!!! I’m probably going to poke my eye out but I’m excited to try it!

I love to try a new lip color!!!!!

And yay! Mascara!!!!

Can’t wait to see what comes next month!!

I’ll do an update in a week or two and let you know how I like the products.