Happy Friday!!!!

Thank goodness its Friday!

Saying tgif totally just brought me back to my middle school days when there was a TGIF of young adult shows that i so looked forward to, i think it had Boy meets World, Sabrina the teenage which and…….i have no clue what else but I loved those shows!

I haven’t worked out since Monday, i am bad. But i did break down and buy a good foam roller. It’s identical to the one my trainer tortured me with at the gym, except that its bright pink!!


I dont know what it is, i have never been a pink person and now im am loving neon pink and bright neon colors for all things workout related. 

The boyfriend is going to be out of town until sunday mid-day ish i think so i WILL go to the gym Saturday and Sunday to make up for my missed runs.

I’ll let you know how my runs go!

Do you remember the other TGIF shows?

What are your weekend plans?

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!!!!

  1. Sometimes you just gotta go for pink! I hate wearing all black running clothes so I go for neon whenever possible. At the start of the week there’s at least some form of coordination to the colours, but as I run out of clothes the combinations get more and more garish!

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