My weekend

Saturday i slept in then spent the day relaxing, i did some laundry and made a big vat of chickenless chicken noodle soup.


I LOVE this stuff. My mom has been making it my whole life so its totally comfort food.

Sunday i slept in again then my roommate and i hit the gym and i did 5 miles! My longest run so far, woot woot. Getting harder to do my long runs at the gym though, i get bored on the treadmill but its obviously easier to regulate my speed and time.

I wore my new fabletics workout outfit.


My roommates made me laugh. More bright colors!!!

Fabletics is actually pretty awesome. I have a few workout outfits from them and i am happy with all of them.

I popped my first blister


And used some of the second skin from my hike to keep it clean while it first starts to heal.

Watched some amazing race with my roommate while i foam rolled my legs and back, oooh what torture!!

Then i picked up some Thai food and watched ‘Alien’ for the first time ever.

And now it’s Monday morning again…….

2 thoughts on “My weekend

    1. I love their outfits! Though the sports bras so dont work for me, there is no support. Buti love the clothes and your first outfit is like $30 and after that each month is $49.99 i think. You just have to remember to skip by the 5th or they charge your card.

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