Happy National Potato day!!

Woohoo work week is half over!!!
Today is national potato day, i learned that while listening to the radio this morning so at lunch i enjoyed some potatoes.


After work was my first personal training appointment. It was awesome, my legs amd glutes are gonna be sore tomorrow but i loved it!

Now i am all signed up on myfitnesspal and am friends with my trainer so she is going to see EVERYTHING i eat! Scary thought. But i like it, ill think about that before i eat anything lol.

I am hitting the hay early tonight to get up and run in the am!

Talk to you tomorrow!!

Did you partake in national potato day?

5 thoughts on “Happy National Potato day!!

  1. I did, but had to eat them a day early!! I was in PA and Sequim on Tues and went to Jack-in-the-box. Had a craving for curly fries and indulged!!! :))

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