Monday Motivation **November 13, 2017

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Happy Monday!!!! 

I am going from 4 workouts a weel to 6. We’ll see how it goes!!!!


Veteran’s day and running report

Happy Veteran’s Day!!!!! Thank a veteran today in some way!!! I probably wouldn’t be able to blog about everything I do if we didn’t have wonderful people who fought for our freedom. Regardless of how you feel about the military or politics these people fought for us.

Meal prep

Longest video ever hahahahahaha

Running this week:

Sunday: Rest day

Monday: 1.53 miles. Couch to 5k week 3 day 3

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: 1.89 miles Couch to 5k week 4 day 1

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day ( I over slept and ran out of time)

Saturday: 1.9 miles + 10 minutes of strength training Couch to 5k week 4 day 2

Total rest day then run day


I may have been a little delirious

I slept for a total of like 13 or 14 hours and woke up to puppy cuddles

We relaxed in the AM then got out for a run and there was actually a little sun!

When I got back I tried to be good and stretch a little, forgot how much I hate stretching hahahaha, since I hate it so much it must mean I don’t do it enough

Don’t you love my crazy bright outfit? I actually had a darker blue sweater thing on top when I went out for my run.

Anybody else have a problem finding boots that fit right? My old boots were starting to be a little thrashed so my sweet BF bought me some new ones and the foot part fits by my calves are bigger from running that they are tight!

He is going to return them and buy a half size bigger and see if that works. I hope so cause I think they are soooooo cute!!!!

Monday Motivation **November 6, 2017

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Happy Monday!!!

Since we are talking motivation, how do you motivate yourself?

I was talking to a really great friend yesterday (Hi Amber!!!!) about motivating yourself to work out. She told me she had the couch-2-5k app already on her phone but just needed to use it.

Here are some ways I motivate myself (and boy are these going to come in handy as the temperature drops and the rain moves in here in the Pacific Northwest this winter).

I have talked about motivation before sort of in a reward system way post workout but now lets talk about how to get yourself out there in the first place.

Clothes– If I am running before work I put my workout clothes on as soon as I wake up so that I would actually have to change out of them to get ready to work, who changes out of clean workout clothes? I still get to have a lazy morning but this way I am ready to walk out the door when its time to workout, no excuses. I do the same thing when I get home from work on days I am going to workout after work. I come home and change straight into my workout clothes and walk back out the door. No sitting down or resting or giving myself the opportunity to say I don’t want to do it.

Buddy/partner– Have a workout partner, either someone you run with, check in with or actually training for the same race with (even if you don’t live near each other). Have to check in with someone and either say sorry I am not meeting you today or sorry I didn’t run today…..simply because I didn’t want to, doesn’t feel great and is great motivation to get your but out there.

Blog– Why not start a blog about your fitness journey? It keeps you accountable to an online community. If you do let me know so I can follow you!!!

Book on tape, playlist, TV show- I keep a specific book on audible that I can only listen to while I run (obviously it is something I super want to listen to) this helps motivate me to get out there so I can hear what happens in the book! And I know one of my favorite bloggers HungryRunnerGirl watches “This is Us” while she runs on the treadmill.

Challenge someone– my boyfriend and I have a challenge every month through Garmin to see who can run the most miles. If he gets too far ahead of me it really motivates me to get out there and get some miles in, on the flip side if I am in the lead it motivates me even more to keep going so I can widen the lead!

Talk about motivation did anyone watch the New York marathon yesterday! I didn’t get to watch the whole thing because I was at work but I watched the clips of the male and female winners cross the finish line and MAN what motivation!!! First American female winner in 40 years!! with an unofficial time of 2 HOURS 26 minutes and 53 seconds………….holy crap, that is faster than my half marathon time!!! And the men’s time, top man finished in 2 hours 10 minutes and 53 seconds. Wow.


How do you motivate yourself when you don’t want to work out?

Did anyone watch the whole marathon?

Anybody else really want to sign up for a race now?

I certainly do!!!

Odds and ends from the week

I fed a cow

Woke my dog up from a nap

Had one of these deliciously terrible cookies….ok, more than one. 

Tried to balance the cookies and candy with healthy snacks.

Filmed my crazy dog

Talked too fast lol. I am reading Holly Madison’s book about living in the playboy mansion. 

Tried to talk while running

Running Recap

Here is how my week went:


Monday-2 miles on Couch-2-5k Week 2 day 3



Wednesday- 1.64 miles. Today was a lot slower due to me not feeling great since I ate too much candy!



Thursday-Rest, I made the lazy kid in me very happy. The BF and I ordered Pizza hut and had a Stranger Things season 2 marathon!!!!


Friday- 1.73 miles, much better pace today. And I got to run with my man which makes me very happy.




He doesn’t love to smile, or take pictures hahaha

Saturday- 10min strength training

For a total of 5.73 miles for the week.

As you can see I am starting back slowly.

Also found this awesomeness on Pinterest


This has been awesome and true so far as the temperature drops here. Now I just need to find my gloves and buy some kind of ear cover headband and find a hat if I have one.

How cold does it get for winter in your area?

Do you prefer to run on a treadmill when its cold or still get outside?

This will be my first year really getting outside to run during the winter.

The BF and I did it! We made the commitment!

No mom, we didn’t get engaged, I had to tease you a little hahaha.

What we decided/committed to is to run my first marathon and his second next year! We are looking at one that will be on June 16th and…………..we committed to running our first ULTRA!!!! Just a 50k so just over 31 miles, we will do that in October/November we are still deciding which one. I failed at a marathon once before because I didn’t train properly but this is my year!!!! Or next year will be hahahaha

The BF is going to start buying the race entries over the next few weeks and once he spends the money we are for sure crossing that finish line, there is no if, and or but about it, if he spends the money we are doing it. So let the adventure begin!!!!

In the words of one of my favorite running books “my year of running dangerously” by Tom Foreman: “Thus began my decent into the madness of ultra running” or something like that.

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I am not starting entirely from scratch but I have only run a handful of time over the last 2+months so I am starting somewhat back at the beginning. I have mentioned that I am doing Couch-2-5k right now and I also downloaded their 10k plan to continue on after I finish the 5k, it takes you straight to like week 9 of the 10k plan so you don’t go backwards. I also ponied up the $5 to download the marathon plan, I think that will help me stay more consistent this time. And I am impressed the marathon plan adds in 2 days a week of cross training. And I am going to add to MY plan 1 day a week of strength training as well.

So here we go!!!! Anyone want to jump on board? I am only on Week 3 Day 1 of the Couch-2-5k plan as of today.

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So true.

Monday I shaved a few more minutes off my best time on the 90-second interval and had a good heart rate! I am feeling good!!!

Only 1 week back in the running game and my appetite is increasing again! Need to get my snack planning game on track.

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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Happy Halloween!!!! Today is my favorite holiday!!!! Unfortunately I have to work tonight which is super depressing, adulting blows sometimes lol.

Went for a run and it was cold! The wind dropped the temp a few degrees so I had planned on wearing this

and changed to this…..long sleeves, also do you love my bed head hahaha

Got my best time to 8:11!!!!!!!!!!!! still only a 90 second interval but still! That is rock’em sock’em fast for me.

Kept a good heart rate for me, was dying a little at the end hahaha

Now for more Halloween fun.

Halloween is fun and magical and mysterious and wonderful. Today people remember/believe that the impossible may be possible. This is also the day that the veils between the world of the living and dead are the thinnest. Remember a loved one that has passed today and set out a cup of juice, wine or beer for them and give them a toast. It is the perfect day to remember my dad since his birthday was yesterday, I love and miss you always dad.

Service announcement: remember to keep all your black fur babies inside tonight, especially cats! There are cruel people out there that love to hurt/kill black animals tonight so be vigilant!

Other than that have fun tonight, be safe and remember, there is a little magic in all of us…………

I hope you have a great night!

Have fun and be safe!!!!

Monday Motivation **October 30, 2017

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Happy Monday!!!!

I will be doing Couch-2-5k Week 2 day 3 today which consists of a 5 min warm up walk then alternating 90 seconds running with 2 minutes of walking for a total of 20 min (which comes out to 6 intervals) then a 5 min cool down. I am really trying to push myself during those 90 seconds, On Saturday my best time was 8:32!! I am pretty stoked about that. I am also doing pretty good at keeping my heart rate up there when I am doing the intervals right now so all is well!!!

This afternoon I have work and have leftover homemade shepherd’s pie for dinner. Not too bad for a Monday.