The day off from working out

I love my days off. Granted they have been a little more frequent than they should lately. But I love them, especially because I am so tired lately with all this working. Thankfully this is the last weekend of the tulip festival so I will have my weekends back. Regular work is getting crazy, I am getting at least half an hour of overtime I think almost every day this week. Its good and bad, I like the extra money obviously but at some point the money isn’t worth the life I’m giving up. Thankfully we are not at that point yet haha haha.

I’ve have started back at episode 1


The anthem of single women. At least it is mine lol. I identify most with Carrie. Whenever i need to get re-psyched up for dating, or recover from dating debauchles (or however it is spelled).

In other news if you like books like the hunger games, maze runner, and divergent, mixed with a little bachelor check out the series that is on sale on audible


It was a fun listen and got me through a crazy day at work.

And now it’s bedtime so i can get up an spin tomorrow.

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