9 miles and a stitch fix

Hi!!! Happy Saturday! 1 more day at the Tulip festival and I’m free!!!

I worked just under 5 hours and came home to run 9 miles!
Artemis made it 3.25 before she didn’t want to continue. It’s not much of an endurance improvement for her but it’s something lol. Then I went on to do another 6 miles after I dropped her off at home.




I listened to a book on tape while I ran.
When I got back from my run my Stitchfix was waiting for me! After a much needed shower and some relaxation it was time to try on clothes!


This was the first top, it is cute but was a little tight in the boobs lol so it’s going back.


Top #2 was this which I really liked but I know I don’t NEED so it’s going back because I am short on funds.



Next was this black jean/corduroy stretchy jacket which was ok but I don’t love it and it is a smidgen small in the hips and boobs so it’s going back.
Now for the 2 things I am keeping


These shoes!!!! They are wedges so they are heels but aren’t as hard on the feet.


And these dark wash jean legging things. They are skinny jeans, super stretchy and even have an elastic type waist band! They are super comfortable  and super cute and flattering!

I told my stylist I needed stretchy fashion legging things because as my leg muscles grow jeans become more difficult to wear and she totally delivered!!!!

And I love the shoes because I love wearing heels but don’t want to strain my feet and back (any more than necessary with working out lol) and these are way better than stilettos or something like that.

What do you think?

What was your workout this weekend?

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