Happy Friday!!!!!!!

Sorry i didn’t post last night, i had a date and got home late. As soon as i got home i jumped into bed and passed out. The date was ok but there was just no chemistry.

Today work went by relatively quickly. I had a great lunch, so simple but so decedent


I got home and relaxed for about 1.5 hours then bit the bullet and finally took my car to get the oil changed


It started yelling at me last weekend so i just had to find the time and force myself to go. Mostly because the dealership i bought it from is about 45 min drive away, but my first oil change was free there so yea.
It just so happens that right around the corner is one of only 2 Del Tacos in i think the entire state of Oregon so yea, i went


And now i am in a food comatose and going to bed.

Oh and Atremis got tacos for dinner lol. She was wary at first then inhaled them.

So apperently you are supposed to eat food when you work out

Hi!!!! Work weeks half over!! Woot Woot!!

Yesterday i worked out in the AM then got to work and went straight into CPR/AED/first aid training  so i didn’t eat second breakfast. We broke for a half hour lunch where i shoved down my snack while i worked on my emails  then went back into training until 2pm. I had a snack of chips and a soda and powered through the next 2.5 hours of work because i was playing catchup. After work i got home let my dog out really fast then dashed off to book club. I got home at about 8:30pm and got ready for bed. I snacked a bit at book club so i just went to sleep.

I woke up just after 1am and felt really sick. I didn’t actually get sick but felt horrible. Under that i could feel the hunger a bit so i ate a kind bar and drank some water and was able to fall back asleep.  Apperently i severely underate yesterday. That is another lesson learned on this journey.  No matter how busy you are you MUST eat.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Bookclub from

Last time i lived in Oregon i tried There was a country bar like 5 min from my apartment and there was a weekly meetup group there on the night they had free line dancing lessons. I RSVP’D one night and several other people had RSVP’D. I showed up and could not find them anywhere, i asked the waitress who asked the bartender but no one knew anything about it. I was there so i stayed got a drink or two and line danced but that was the extent of my meetup experience.

I decided to try again and signed up for a book club. I read the book and we met tonight and i LOVED it!!!! It was super fun and everyone was nice. I had a blast and am so glad i went. Annnnd the woman whose house it is at runs a meetup that i RSVP’D to next week!!! I think i may have found some groups :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

How do you meet people and make friends?

The first rule of fight club….

Happy Saturday!!!

Weekend 4 done at the tulip farm for me!! I don’t work tomorrow because i have a race.

But lets back up, i got my butt to the gym yesterday morning and did a little spin and swim





Then i hit Starbucks thanks to my bestie Nicole and the birthday giftcard she sent me


Yep thats a little bit of my Stitchfix dress you see.

I also got some blueberries to add to my oatmeal :mrgreen:


The tulip festival was good day, busy but not crazy.

I came home and read a chapter of my book club book the watched a Netflix documentary on the barkely marathon. The first rule of the barkley marathon is you don’t talk about the barkley marathon…..oops i broke rule #1. This race is INSANE!!! In the i think 30 something years it has been run only 15 people have ever finished it………I WANT TO DO IT!!!!!! But not for a long time lol i have to learn how to navigate a trail map and all that cause there are NO ROUTE MARKERS and its in the Tennessee wilderness.

Card dinner


And now its sleep time for my race tomorrow. Goodnight.

Google the Barkley marathon and let me know if you want to try it with me :mrgreen:

Thursday thoughts

Ugh apperently this is another one that didn’t post. How annoying!!!!!

Hi all!!!!

Well this morning my body continued it’s battle with this sickness by trying to empty everything out of it, sorry if that’s TMI. So i skipped spin, i didn’t want to have to run for the bathroom midclass. My stomach is still bloated but slowly recovering.

When i got home from work i took Artemis for a walk and decided to run a mile. My stomach hurt a bit but we made it.


Had a little dinner, yes i love carbs.


No i didn’t eat the whole thing tonight lol.

The plan is to once again try to spin and swim a bit tomorrow before work. They will both be easy though, no major pushing myself.

How was your day?

Hardships of being a triathlete PT 1

Oh so technically i haven’t completed my first triathlon yet but i am working on it and most of this works for running too hahahahaha.
oh and disclaimer, i got all these photos from pintrest, none are my own lol


seriously. This is even worse when my workout schedule gets screwed up, “well i think i am swimming tomorrow so i dont want to wash my hair tonight”……..5 days in a row.




Running was bad enough, the shoes, the gels the clothes, add in swimming and biking and my accounts are not only empty, they are negative.




I crash and i crash hard when i don’t have food. Lets just say the impatient bitch comes out.





If this isnt your lifestyle you just don’t get it.


This is slowly becoming true………and i LOVE it!!!!



Finding someone to either deal with your workout schedule or workout this much with you is diffincult. and yes the more in shape i get the more i want a ripped guy who still fits all my other critera……..apperently i will be alone forever hahahaha


I swear i shaved yesterday…….oh that was 2 weeks ago…….


I never have enough clean workout clothes.


It’s a battle every morning.

something fun to leave you with.


Blue Apron, planting and reading

Happy Wednesday! More than halfway to the weekend! Today was my first full day back at work this week. I’m not 100% better but I’m like 85-90% better. When i got home i took Artemis for a short walk since she’s been cooped up since our run on Saturday due to me not feeling good.


She still knows she’s spoiled though hahaha.

I made my last Blue Apron meal from my box last week. Enchiladas. Sorry i failed to take prep and cooking photos.



This has a fair amount of mushrooms in it and i dont quite love the taste if mushrooms in most things except ravioli and marinated and grilled button mushrooms but the flavor of the enchiladas totally masked the mushrooms which was perfect for me, i get the healthy benefits without having to taste them.


These are some seriously full enchiladas. I brought 2 for lunch and ended up eating half for lunch and half for dinner.

I went to target on my lunch to get some planting stuff and found some great oatmeal on sale for practically nothing.


This box has 8 instant oatmeals in it for $2.58!!! I got apple cinnamon and maple brown sugar. For $5 i now have lunch at work for the next 3 weeks. I can throw some fruit or nuts in to spice it up if necessary. Sometimes i LOVE target.
For planting


I planted 3 more potatoes in the white containers


I transplanted my first tomato and pepper start. I figure ill transfer 1-2/week and see how they fair.


My peas and corn are still growing!!!!

Now off to bed so i can go to spin class in the AM. Goodnight!!!

How was your day?
Are you planting any food this year?

Half a sick day and my birthday

Well i woke up not feeling 100% better but about 60% better. I went to work and that 60% quickly faded down. I went home shortly after 2pm. The rest of the day was spent on the couch. And now its sleep time. I am looking forward to 9 hours of regenerative sleep.

Did mention its my birthday lol. That is how my 28th birthday was spent. But i know it could always be worse so i will enjoy the fact that i got to spend more time with my sweet dog.

And now Goodnight.