Happy Friday!!!!!!!

Sorry i didn’t post last night, i had a date and got home late. As soon as i got home i jumped into bed and passed out. The date was ok but there was just no chemistry.

Today work went by relatively quickly. I had a great lunch, so simple but so decedent


I got home and relaxed for about 1.5 hours then bit the bullet and finally took my car to get the oil changed


It started yelling at me last weekend so i just had to find the time and force myself to go. Mostly because the dealership i bought it from is about 45 min drive away, but my first oil change was free there so yea.
It just so happens that right around the corner is one of only 2 Del Tacos in i think the entire state of Oregon so yea, i went


And now i am in a food comatose and going to bed.

Oh and Atremis got tacos for dinner lol. She was wary at first then inhaled them.

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