These are NOT my wedding dress!!!

Hahahahahaha, I thought I would share a little of the shopping process with you.

I really didn’t expect to find my dress on day one in shop one, But I did!!! Sorry, but you dont get to see it until after the wedding. Cant risk the hubby seeing it before. But here are some of the ones I didnt choose.

I liked this dress. It was pretty and romantic. But it just didn’t do anything for me shape wise. No body shaming it just wasn’t wasnt right for my hourglass figure.

We nicknamed this one the boob dress hahahahaha for obvious reasons. I love love loved the blush color. I loved that it was whimsical and romantic but it was too much cleavage for me and too much dress lol

This was the only ‘true’ ballgown I tried on. The back was stunning but again way too much dress for me. The hips actually had extra padding in them!!!! I have my own hips, I don’t need help in that area hahaahahaha!!!

Here is the one thing I did get that you can see. This beautiful headband that is rose gold just like my ring.

I can’t wait to get married!!!!

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