3 weeks till school


I have been done with my summer quarter for about 2 weeks and I have LOVED not having school work to do!!!

Taking 2 classes, a full time job, with a commute!, add in trying to keep your relationship happy and healthy and manage to see your friends once or twice AND lose weight is rough!!!!

And this quarter I am adding in a lab lol.

We might be going back to some simple videos here soon, we will see. Somehow I find more drive and time to do this blog though when I am really busy with school hahahaha!

Our marathon is in just over a month, my longest run so far is 6 miles but I did to Portland to coast and over that weekend I did about 11 miles and didn’t die so that makes me happy. I had good stamina during that so I can happily report that doing my beach body workouts has definitely helped as well.

I’ve been eating a lot of salads. Babe made salsa chicken so lots of taco salads and since we have tomatoes and basil from the garden this is pretty much a daily occurrence

We popped into the state fair this weekend

The 4H kids are sooooo cute!!!!

More to come soon!!!!!

How are you????

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