Thursday thoughts

Howdy! Wooo the work week is almost over!!


Capsule wardrobe- jean jeggings, butterfly tank and boots. I got so many compliments on this shirt today!.


Got my pumpkin spice latte at lunch today but I tried it with coconut milk to make it a little healthier……not bad! Not quite as creamy and amazing but still super good. I might switch back and forth.

Tonight i had my personal traiming session, it was a strength session. I am totally stoked i cam tell that i am starting to get stronger!!! Now if i could just wittle down some of this fat I’d be golden…….but i just love bad food so much!!!

Meal prep is a must this weekend.

So i am reading for my book review post this weekend  amd LOVE thos coffee quote.


Obviously I’m a coffee freak.

How was your Thursday?

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