Monday Motivation**September 28, 2015


Happy Monday!!!

I haven’t worked out since Friday. I have a dr. Appt tomorrow for a cyst that has turned into an abscess. I know gross.

I should have a trainer app Wednesday and Thursday.

I’ll have to see how the appt plays out tomorrow. I may need surgery which would probably take me out of the running  of the Vancouver half marathon. We’ll see.

Starting today i am going vegan for 30 days……and i already screwed up…..apparently boca burgers have milk in them. WTF!!!???

One thought on “Monday Motivation**September 28, 2015

  1. Watch out for GMOs too. Sadly a lot of vegetarian products out there use GMO corn and soy. Not sure about vegan products. I tried going vegetarian a few times. Too chicken to try going vegan. Props to you girl. It’s a hell of a challenge!!

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