The official start of Autumn**2015

7abed18c851da62ae6c69abd80e585b9 Happy first day of Autumn!!!!!

We are entreating my FAVORITE time of year!!!!! I love when the mornings and evenings start to get crisp and the leaves start to turn.

78ecb9966093ed54861660f1df21163d via

This time of year has everything that i love: candles, sweaters and scarves, hot drinks, halloween, beautiful scenery, oh i could go on and on. I am so excited! I can’t contain it!!!

There are so many things I want to do during autumn. I found this list on pinterest.

ec98be21566872ff09d23d3a9a597726 via

A few things i want to do that are not on the list are:

48ae6854582160182c828e96b4bb47e3 images-2 images Go on a crisp fall picnic, run some beautiful stairs and run down through some leaves surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Everything about this time of year fills me with excitement!

What is your favorite part of Autumn?


One thought on “The official start of Autumn**2015

  1. Wish I could find some spots that look that much like fall, hopefully you have some. I am finally ready for summer to end, never thought I’d say that haha

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