Monday Motivation**September 14, 2015

Happy Monday!!!


Monday-OFF!!!!! And so happy about it lol
Tuesday-5:30am trainer appt. We are swimming
Wednesday-3 miles
Thursday- 7pm training appt, full body strength workout
Friday- 5 miles
Saturday or Sunday -7 miles

No capsule wardrobe today…..had to rock the race shirt ๐Ÿ™‚


But i did my hair before i left for work.

My Weekend.

Hi!!! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday night i got home from work and with a little convincing got myself to the gym and swam laps for about 20-25 min then read a little bit. I know im slacking on the book reviews, i promise ill have one this coming Saturday.

Saturday morning my roommate and i hit the gym. I did two miles and tried to keep it pretty easy on myself. The rest of the day i had the house all to myself, which was wonderful!!! I did Laundry and watched a Grey’s anatomy marathon.

But before my roommate left for the day her poor little doggie had a seizure so she took him to the vet and we are all keeping an eye on him.

The boyfriend was out of town Friday night and Saturday day celebrating his birthday in Seattle with some friends. He stoped by Saturday night to say hi and bring me Starbucks…..the perfect man ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday i got up at the crack of dawn to run the pints to pasta 10k. I’ll review that on Tuesday.



Post run. I was so freaking exhausted.


Nice medal.
This was a hard run for me. My legs were so tight from training i was in pain. I did a lot of walk/jogging.

Sunday night the boyfriend took me out to dinner to a nice restaurant. When we were walking back to the car i saw a sign that said twilight. Yes i like them but am not obbessed or anything. Turns out the scene where she confirms hes a vampire and the lion and lamb comment is made was filmed behind the restaurant.


They have a bunch of signs posted about which part of the movies were filmed were.

My roomie and i went and saw ‘a walk in the woods’ which was hilarious. I listened to the book on tape earlier this year.

Saturday i didn’t do the capsule wardrobe since i was in gym clothes then lounging clothes. Today i was in workout clothes in the AM and im the PM i wore


Blue jean jeggings, the black t-shirt and the black ballet flats.

It was comfortable and relaxed but cute enough to wear to the nice restaurant for an early dinner. When i went to the movies i added the slouchy sweatshirt. So comfortable and cute.


Happy Friday!!!!! This week raced by which is awesome!!! Today is flying by as well, my coworker is out sick so i am doing extra work today. Its just busy enough to make the day fly without me being overwhelmed.

Last night i met my roomie at the gym and did 3 miles, parts of it were a struggle after my training Wednesday night but i pushed through.


Got subway afterwards


It was delicious

Then rolled my legs out on my foam roller, i.e. a torture device that just happens to make you feel better afterwards…….and cuts your sorness days in half.


Day 1 of my fall capsule wardrobe is a success.


My picture skills suck, ill get better. I wore black boots with it.


My coworker said i look like a cute pirate……I’ll take it!!!!! Lol.

Confession-these are those pajama jean things. I got them on Amazon for $15. Worth it!!!!! They are soooo comfy!!!!


Today is 9/11, we remember those who lost their lives

Not that its not important to remember but why dont we make such a big deal of the day pearl hardor was struck, that was American soil too. Or the day Katrina struck. We mention them on the radio and stuff but no where near the extent of 9/11. Maybe because it was a terrorist attack instead of a war or natural disaster, but i just dont 100% understand why 9/11 is more important to remember and honor than those things……any insight?

How has your Friday gone?

Any big plans?

Fall Capsule wardrobe.

Hi everyone!!!!

So i have decided to do a fall capsule warbrode. I found one on pintrest that i like and just added 2 more items to make it about six weeks instead of 4.



Here are the clothing pieces i am using.


Maroon jeggings (bought off amazon)


Burnt orange cardigan (bought off amazon)


Black ‘skater’ skirt (bought off Amazon)


Looking sleeve navy blue top with sleeve embellishments (obviously thats not me, i got that photo off amazon) (bought off Amazon)


Loose tunic like black t-shirt (bought off Amazon)


Tank top (bought off Amazon)


Gray dress (bought off Amazon)


Black ballet flats (bought off Amazon)


This turquoise/blue dress (already had)
Black tights (bought off Amazon)


Black fake leather jacket (already had)


Striped tank top (already had)


Burnt orange peasant top (already had)


Slouchy sweater (costco)


White button down (already had)


Neutral heels (already had)


Gray boots (though ill interchange these with black depending on the outfit) (already had grey and black)


Scarf (already had)
And jeans

We’ll see how it goes!!!!!

My Labor day weekend

So originally i was supposed to be hiking 84 miles of the PCT this weekend but there are like 8 wildfires going on above and below me and i would have been hiking out there. I didn’t check to see if the wildfires were where i was going to be but with the smoke and storms and wind doing who knows what to the fires and the directions they were going i decided not to chance it. The trail will be there later.

I still enjoyed my 3 days off work and did close to nothing and loved it!!!!

Then Friday night my boyfriend and i headed to the coast for a long weekend. It was wonderful!


That was the view from our room, ot was so beautiful!
I ate my weight in clam chowder and of course hit a candy shop and got some salt water taffy.


We watched the wild life.
We climbed some rocks and saw whales and a leopard sea lion, which was super cool.


I had a smile plastered to my face most of the weekend.


I stood by and watched while he climbed some rocks i didnt want to climb lol.

He goes to the coast a lot so he knew some cool places to explore that i never would have found.

Overall it was a great weekend!

Though i ate way too much and didnt really exercise at all and i felt it in how bloated i was. Time for healthy food and a system clean out. And lots and lots and lots of water.

What did you do over labor day weekend?

Did you get in any workouts?

Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!!!

Yep that’s right, i’m a pumpkin spice latte freak!

Officially the pumpkin spice latte releases today.


I got a code in my email last Thursday so I’ve been drinking them all weekend, which im sure didn’t help my bloating but what can you do!? Lol


My Starbucks costs go up the moment the pumpkin spice latte comes out and after this comes the gingerbread latte then it levels back out after new years. 


I need to remember to try low fat milk now and then to lessen my calories.

*All images were taken off google.

Do you love pumpkin spice lattes??

Monday Motivation**September 7, 2015


Happy Monday!!!!!

Oh i was so bad this weeekend, i ate out pretty much every meal and barely worked out. I am paying for my vacation, i am so bloated. I took some digest and cleanse oils so that should help. But more about my weekend later.


Tuesday- 3 miles

Wednesday- training appt. Not sure of we are doing strength or the pool.

Thursday- 4 miles

Friday- pool

Saturday- walk 1 mile

Sunday- pints to pasta 10k!!!!!!!

What are you doing this week?

Mid week catchup

Woot woot I’m on vacation from work! It is wonderful and i so needed it.
Wednesday i did nothing but watch tv and go to my personal training appt. My trainer kicked my butt. We did full body strength training. I hated it but loved it.
Today I’m a little sore but surviving. I relaxed this morning then got my but up and went to my old running ground. Neither of my gps mile tracker apps wanted to work today so thankfully i was at park where i sort of knew the mileage. I did somewhere between 4.5-5.5 miles.


Post run selfie.
It varied from sprinkling to raining while i ran which was awesome!! My legs felt like lead from strength training last night but i fought through it. I drank grape zipfizz while running


Then got a post run Starbucks!!!

Tomorrow afternoon my boyfriend and i head for the coast for our first weekend getaway!!!!! I’m nervous and excited.

Talk to you later!!!

How was your workout today?

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Last night i had a personal training appointment and we worked on my freestyle swimming technique. I learned a lot but holey crap is swimming and all body workout. I was sooooo tired afterwards!

Still i got up this morning and was on a treadmill at the gym by 6:15am. But my legs hated me from the swimming and kicking so i only did a very slow 2 miles.
Had dinner with my girl Sarah. Gotta love a chill girls night. Then i came home was gonna call it a night early but my roomies rented pitch perfect 2, how could i say no?

Now i am crawling into bed but thankfully i took the rest of the week off for vacation so woot woot!!!

I get to sleep in!!!! I have a personal training appointment tomorrow at 7pm and we will work on strength…….thats probably going to hurt. I need to foam roll my legs tomorrow.

How was your day?