Mid week catchup

Woot woot I’m on vacation from work! It is wonderful and i so needed it.
Wednesday i did nothing but watch tv and go to my personal training appt. My trainer kicked my butt. We did full body strength training. I hated it but loved it.
Today I’m a little sore but surviving. I relaxed this morning then got my but up and went to my old running ground. Neither of my gps mile tracker apps wanted to work today so thankfully i was at park where i sort of knew the mileage. I did somewhere between 4.5-5.5 miles.


Post run selfie.
It varied from sprinkling to raining while i ran which was awesome!! My legs felt like lead from strength training last night but i fought through it. I drank grape zipfizz while running


Then got a post run Starbucks!!!

Tomorrow afternoon my boyfriend and i head for the coast for our first weekend getaway!!!!! I’m nervous and excited.

Talk to you later!!!

How was your workout today?

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