Happy Tuesday!!!!

Last night i had a personal training appointment and we worked on my freestyle swimming technique. I learned a lot but holey crap is swimming and all body workout. I was sooooo tired afterwards!

Still i got up this morning and was on a treadmill at the gym by 6:15am. But my legs hated me from the swimming and kicking so i only did a very slow 2 miles.
Had dinner with my girl Sarah. Gotta love a chill girls night. Then i came home was gonna call it a night early but my roomies rented pitch perfect 2, how could i say no?

Now i am crawling into bed but thankfully i took the rest of the week off for vacation so woot woot!!!

I get to sleep in!!!! I have a personal training appointment tomorrow at 7pm and we will work on strength…….thats probably going to hurt. I need to foam roll my legs tomorrow.

How was your day?

2 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!!!!

    1. Sorry you are off running!! Yea for my its proper breathing technique that was killing me. Breathing at the right time, right length and so on. I am working on that so i can swim longer and more efficient

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