My Weekend.

Hi!!! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday night i got home from work and with a little convincing got myself to the gym and swam laps for about 20-25 min then read a little bit. I know im slacking on the book reviews, i promise ill have one this coming Saturday.

Saturday morning my roommate and i hit the gym. I did two miles and tried to keep it pretty easy on myself. The rest of the day i had the house all to myself, which was wonderful!!! I did Laundry and watched a Grey’s anatomy marathon.

But before my roommate left for the day her poor little doggie had a seizure so she took him to the vet and we are all keeping an eye on him.

The boyfriend was out of town Friday night and Saturday day celebrating his birthday in Seattle with some friends. He stoped by Saturday night to say hi and bring me Starbucks…..the perfect man 🙂

Sunday i got up at the crack of dawn to run the pints to pasta 10k. I’ll review that on Tuesday.



Post run. I was so freaking exhausted.


Nice medal.
This was a hard run for me. My legs were so tight from training i was in pain. I did a lot of walk/jogging.

Sunday night the boyfriend took me out to dinner to a nice restaurant. When we were walking back to the car i saw a sign that said twilight. Yes i like them but am not obbessed or anything. Turns out the scene where she confirms hes a vampire and the lion and lamb comment is made was filmed behind the restaurant.


They have a bunch of signs posted about which part of the movies were filmed were.

My roomie and i went and saw ‘a walk in the woods’ which was hilarious. I listened to the book on tape earlier this year.

Saturday i didn’t do the capsule wardrobe since i was in gym clothes then lounging clothes. Today i was in workout clothes in the AM and im the PM i wore


Blue jean jeggings, the black t-shirt and the black ballet flats.

It was comfortable and relaxed but cute enough to wear to the nice restaurant for an early dinner. When i went to the movies i added the slouchy sweatshirt. So comfortable and cute.

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