Happy Friday!!!!! This week raced by which is awesome!!! Today is flying by as well, my coworker is out sick so i am doing extra work today. Its just busy enough to make the day fly without me being overwhelmed.

Last night i met my roomie at the gym and did 3 miles, parts of it were a struggle after my training Wednesday night but i pushed through.


Got subway afterwards


It was delicious

Then rolled my legs out on my foam roller, i.e. a torture device that just happens to make you feel better afterwards…….and cuts your sorness days in half.


Day 1 of my fall capsule wardrobe is a success.


My picture skills suck, ill get better. I wore black boots with it.


My coworker said i look like a cute pirate……I’ll take it!!!!! Lol.

Confession-these are those pajama jean things. I got them on Amazon for $15. Worth it!!!!! They are soooo comfy!!!!


Today is 9/11, we remember those who lost their lives

Not that its not important to remember but why dont we make such a big deal of the day pearl hardor was struck, that was American soil too. Or the day Katrina struck. We mention them on the radio and stuff but no where near the extent of 9/11. Maybe because it was a terrorist attack instead of a war or natural disaster, but i just dont 100% understand why 9/11 is more important to remember and honor than those things……any insight?

How has your Friday gone?

Any big plans?

2 thoughts on “TGIF!!!

  1. You go girl! You look awesome and I can only wish I could run this long without dying. Miss you. Looks looks things are great. I got rid of fb so hit me up on my cell if you are back in NV miss your face ♡

  2. Every Dec 7 “A Day That Will Live In Infamy” is remembered. Until 9/11 happened, Pearl Harbor Day was the BIG remembrance day. On Dec 7, 1991 the 50th anniversary was a big remembrance day and every Dec 7 there are still lot’s of remembrance’s. Your just too young to remember any of this. The sad part is that there are few if any survivors left as they would be 90+ yrs now.
    According to official records 9/11 took more lives. I found the following info:

    Pearl Harbor death toll:
    The official report to Congress concludes that the Navy and Marine Corps lost 2,117 dead (KIA) and 960 missing in action (MIA) presumed dead, body not recovered. There is an obvious contradiction here in that even today the USS Arizona Memorial lists 1,177 entombed aboard. (That is 217 more men than are officially MIA at Pearl Harbor. The official Army records report 226 killed. There were also civilian deaths, most from friendly fire, and the reporting there is equally varied in diverse reports. How many died as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor: about three thousand

    9/11 death toll:

    The 9/11 attacks led to the death of 2,973 victims including those who died in the Towers and Pentagon, 4 hijacked planes, 343 Fire Fighters and 19 hijackers

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