My Labor day weekend

So originally i was supposed to be hiking 84 miles of the PCT this weekend but there are like 8 wildfires going on above and below me and i would have been hiking out there. I didn’t check to see if the wildfires were where i was going to be but with the smoke and storms and wind doing who knows what to the fires and the directions they were going i decided not to chance it. The trail will be there later.

I still enjoyed my 3 days off work and did close to nothing and loved it!!!!

Then Friday night my boyfriend and i headed to the coast for a long weekend. It was wonderful!


That was the view from our room, ot was so beautiful!
I ate my weight in clam chowder and of course hit a candy shop and got some salt water taffy.


We watched the wild life.
We climbed some rocks and saw whales and a leopard sea lion, which was super cool.


I had a smile plastered to my face most of the weekend.


I stood by and watched while he climbed some rocks i didnt want to climb lol.

He goes to the coast a lot so he knew some cool places to explore that i never would have found.

Overall it was a great weekend!

Though i ate way too much and didnt really exercise at all and i felt it in how bloated i was. Time for healthy food and a system clean out. And lots and lots and lots of water.

What did you do over labor day weekend?

Did you get in any workouts?

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