Book on Tape review

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Yep this is the series True Blood is based on.

I have watched the entire series. I was through i think the 4th or 5th season of the TV showe before i ever knew there was a book series. This is book one, I got it during a sale on, you guessed it, Audible.

I enjoyed the book, i was supprised at how closely season 1 followed the book. There were of course differences, one major one is that Tara is not in the books, which for me was awesome because her character in the TV show was always pissing me off!

This was a fun read, easy to engage in while running or work or driving, doesnt take a lot of focus. I would suggest it for anyone who liked the show or enjoys this kind of genre.

Mid-Week Pickup



How are your workouts going this week?

I ran Tuesday and Wednesday morning, this morning i slept in so i will be dragging my butt to the gym tonight to do some weights. My goal is to get in, do some weights and get out. I want to be quick and efficient. I need to get some leg workouts in and some arm workouts. I am not too worried about my abs because that tones as i run and do all the other stuff.

I miss weighted squats!!! Who would have thought?! Moving has thrown my whole schedule off so i am trying to get a new schedule set. Also i am dating someone so that is taking up some time. Got to balance the life!

Also i really need to find my book to study so i can start working on my personal training certification. Unpacking will be a serious theme this weekend.

Now send me some strong will to only have 1 scoop of the ice cream that will be served and work today.

Book on tape review

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This book was super fun because she has such a GREAT attitude and wit. She is funny! And of course i love listening to almost anything in an accident. You also get to hear from her trainer and his perspective and at the end she has a section where other people she has run with tell their stories.

It was good, fun, light hearted and great to listen to when running. Listening to her talk about her parts jiggling when she ran, while I ran was awesome. It is great to know that other people out there are also not perfect when they run.

Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses is right! All i have had lately are exucses.

I have not worked out since THURSDAY!!! That is 4 days! Thankfully i am meeting a client tonight to do some cardio with so i can snap myself out of this funk. I need get my butt back into gear.

This is why you are never supposed to go more than 2 days in a row without working out, you fall into a no workout funk…….or maybe that is just me.

My excuses have been that my dog wants to cuddle (which is amazing, puppy cuddles are the best), that i just plain dont want to get out an run today, that i trained someone (thats counts as a workout right?) Etc, Etc.

I am going to use you guys to keep me honest for the next week, if you dont see a workout on this blog feel free to CALL ME OUT!

Just go with it

I slept in and had a great pre-run breakfast 

Took an hour to digest and then decided I have no desire to run today. 

I was supposed to do 12 miles but, nope, not happening. 

So today became an awesome lazy day. My last lazy day in awhile. 

I also did some meal prep

Chicken Cordon Bleu 

Then to make life easier some steamer veggies

And together it all makes a pretty balanced diet.

Then I toppled off my lazy day with a big cheat meal

I hate that this crap tastes so good. 

Today was a not great day for me but instead of not feeling great about it or beating myself up I’m just going to go with it and start fresh tomorrow.

And kick A** next week. 

Mid-Week Motivation!!

We are almost at Friday! Hold on and we can do it!!


Motivation has been short for me lately so i have had to push myself and bargin and make deals with myself to get me to workout. Which is really funny that i have come to a place in my life where cutting my long run short on Sunday, not working out on Monday, only working out once Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and having no plans to workout Friday is a bad week for me. I’m actually kind of proud of that.

I have definitely changed my lifestyle for this.


Have you?


August mile a day challenge

Hi friends!!!  I am going to try a little challenge on the blog!! I hope you will join in.

It is going to be very simple, travel a mile a day on your own energy.

You can:

walk, bike, swim, run, row and anything else you can think of that can take you the distance. For anything water based there are 1609.34 meters in a mile. As for steps in a mile i found this on beach body blog:


it is also totally ok to combine several of these to make a mile, you could swim 800M and walk half a mile or swim 400m, walk half a mile and row 400m, you chose each day how you want to do this.

However you do it just get that mile in.

check in on social media with #augustmileaday

follow me for the challenge:





Who is in?



Beef jerry and survivor.

Thankfully the migranes faded.  I took 3 ibuprofen and started drinking a Coke. I took it easy at work in the AM and by lunch or was bouncing back. 

With to lunch with my family who is in town. You’ll see them as I do more with them over the weekend. 

After lunch My coworker and friend Kate, who went to lunch with me picked blackberries outside work before heading back in

I noticed that I have shoulder bruises from the weighted squats machine 

After work the roommate and I headed to the gym. I got my swim on. 

After dinner it was dessert time!!

Roommate and I are waiting survivor while we eat, then she pulls out leftover jerky from our hike.  

And my baby is cuddling with me

As soon as this episode is over its off to bed for me!!!

How was your day?

Did you get in a workout?

Do you watch TV while you eat?

I know they say we aren’t supposed to and I agree, but being single there’s not much else to do while I eat. 

Book on Tape review

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Lately i have gotten a little sick of listening to music when i run, i can only hear the same song so many times before it looses all motivation, so i changed to books on tape. I also like plugging one of these in at work when i need to buckle down and get work done.

Side note, i have ADD so engaging half my brain with a book allows the other half to buckle down and work for longer periods of time than normal.

I listen to all different kinds of books and i shop audible’s sales and things like that.

This actually sounded like a really interesting book and it was. Yes they describe the rapes but I didnt feel that i was overly graphic. I cant believe how sucky the justice system is to rape victims, no not all places are horrible to the victim but some really do suck and that is moslty what the book was about.

Overall i found it to be an intersting book and something intersting to listen to while i ran. No it didnt freak me out, this wasnt about the people who jump out of a bush and attached a random passerby this was about aquantance rape.

Confessions time…..

My confession is that I suffer from road rage. Anyone who rides in the car with me ends of laughing their butt off then wondering why the heck people are going so slow. By the time the car ride is over you agree with me, but don’t worry it doesn’t follow you into your car. I will tell and gesture emphatically,  not like flipping people off (they could be armed I’m not risking it) but like both hands up in the air or waving at you to get over if you are in the fast lane. Sometimes it’s bad lol. My roommate experienced this for the first time on our road trip hiking adventure.  OK confession over. 

Now for the good stuff. My post it collection at work is growing

First there was this

Now there is this

I sooooo did not want to go to the gym after work, soreness from strength training was setting in and the panda express but tired me out but I bargained with myself that I only has to spin for 20 min so I dragged my butt there

And my mom called me about 7 min in, thankfully the room was empty so I chatted with her for almost 20 min and that helped.

Then to home I went for bolognase!!!

I will leave you with my sweet sweet girl!!