Book on tape review 

This book was interesting and I didn’t see the ending comeing. This was definitely a slow moving book, though that worked for me since I don’t always pay 100% attention to the books when I am running or working. 

Overall I liked the book, I like slow build books just as much as jaw dropping books. 

What kind of books do you like?

Monday Motivation 

I am sooooo sore from hiking! My entire lower body is tight

Monday: a 10 min walk to loosen muscles 

Tuesday: PM strength session

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: PM strength session

Friday: off

Saturday: 5 miles run

Sunday: 10 mile run

Book on Tape review

DeadUntilDarkPhoto from sookiestackhousewiki

Yep this is the series True Blood is based on.

I have watched the entire series. I was through i think the 4th or 5th season of the TV showe before i ever knew there was a book series. This is book one, I got it during a sale on, you guessed it, Audible.

I enjoyed the book, i was supprised at how closely season 1 followed the book. There were of course differences, one major one is that Tara is not in the books, which for me was awesome because her character in the TV show was always pissing me off!

This was a fun read, easy to engage in while running or work or driving, doesnt take a lot of focus. I would suggest it for anyone who liked the show or enjoys this kind of genre.

Mid-Week Pickup



How are your workouts going this week?

I ran Tuesday and Wednesday morning, this morning i slept in so i will be dragging my butt to the gym tonight to do some weights. My goal is to get in, do some weights and get out. I want to be quick and efficient. I need to get some leg workouts in and some arm workouts. I am not too worried about my abs because that tones as i run and do all the other stuff.

I miss weighted squats!!! Who would have thought?! Moving has thrown my whole schedule off so i am trying to get a new schedule set. Also i am dating someone so that is taking up some time. Got to balance the life!

Also i really need to find my book to study so i can start working on my personal training certification. Unpacking will be a serious theme this weekend.

Now send me some strong will to only have 1 scoop of the ice cream that will be served and work today.

Book on tape review

3249692 photo from

This book was super fun because she has such a GREAT attitude and wit. She is funny! And of course i love listening to almost anything in an accident. You also get to hear from her trainer and his perspective and at the end she has a section where other people she has run with tell their stories.

It was good, fun, light hearted and great to listen to when running. Listening to her talk about her parts jiggling when she ran, while I ran was awesome. It is great to know that other people out there are also not perfect when they run.

Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses is right! All i have had lately are exucses.

I have not worked out since THURSDAY!!! That is 4 days! Thankfully i am meeting a client tonight to do some cardio with so i can snap myself out of this funk. I need get my butt back into gear.

This is why you are never supposed to go more than 2 days in a row without working out, you fall into a no workout funk…….or maybe that is just me.

My excuses have been that my dog wants to cuddle (which is amazing, puppy cuddles are the best), that i just plain dont want to get out an run today, that i trained someone (thats counts as a workout right?) Etc, Etc.

I am going to use you guys to keep me honest for the next week, if you dont see a workout on this blog feel free to CALL ME OUT!