Monday Motivation**June 27, 2016


Happy Monday!!!!!!
Today was my first day back after my week off. Oy. It wasn’t bad per say but it could have been much better…….of much worse.

I had 5 minutes left to sleep, not a lot in the grand scheme but still 5min. And the dogs, mine and my roommates who I am watching, decided to be load and make noise and wake me up. So I laid back down and gave myself 10 more minutes and ended up getting out the door 15 minutes late so my 3 mile run became a 1.5 mile run.


And somebody here knows the difference between a walk and a run, granted its been like 2 weeks since her bad human, aka me, took her for either so yea but she took a good 10min to figure out that we were running.


The human wasn’t too happy but at least I got out and did something!!!!!

Well see how tomorrow goes!!!

Do you run with a dog?
Do they ever not want to run?

Wednesday motivation**June 1, 2016

A little late this week because of the holiday but better late than never!


I am working on this. Being tired has been been an excuse for me lately, stressing about a place to live hasn’t helped that at all. Time to recommit!!

Monday-OFF traveling

Tueaday- AM training

Wednesday- 30 min spin after work, a little core work before bed

Thursday-AM swim training, PM 1 miles run

Friday- Run 3 miles before work

Saturday- AM spin class then swim 800m

Sunday- Run 7 miles

Happy Global Running Day!!!!

Monday Motivation**May 2, 2016

OMG its May!!!!!! How did that happen?



Happy Monday!!!!

Monday- AM strength training, my trainer kicked my butt! I was already shaking half way through

Tuesday-AM spin and swim

Wednesday- AM swim with trainer

Thursday- OFF

Friday-AM spin and swim

Saturday- AM spin

Sunday 10-11 mile run


What does your week look like? 


Monday Motivation**April 25, 2016

Welcome to the last week in April 2016!



Today- i am taking the day off to rest my legs a bit more. My feet are doing better but my calf muscle still feels a bit sore like i over stretched it when i twisted my ankle running on Sunday.

Tuesday-AM strength, hopfully as long as my leg is still feeling ok tonight

Wednesday-AM swim training

Thursday-Off, since i am now doing trivia Wednesday nights i don’t get home early enough to make 5:30am spin class without missing too much sleep

Friday-Spin and Swim

Saturday- run 9-9.5 miles



it is a lesser week for me workout wise but sometimes we just need some rest.

Hardships of being a triathlete PT 1

Oh so technically i haven’t completed my first triathlon yet but i am working on it and most of this works for running too hahahahaha.
oh and disclaimer, i got all these photos from pintrest, none are my own lol


seriously. This is even worse when my workout schedule gets screwed up, “well i think i am swimming tomorrow so i dont want to wash my hair tonight”……..5 days in a row.




Running was bad enough, the shoes, the gels the clothes, add in swimming and biking and my accounts are not only empty, they are negative.




I crash and i crash hard when i don’t have food. Lets just say the impatient bitch comes out.





If this isnt your lifestyle you just don’t get it.


This is slowly becoming true………and i LOVE it!!!!



Finding someone to either deal with your workout schedule or workout this much with you is diffincult. and yes the more in shape i get the more i want a ripped guy who still fits all my other critera……..apperently i will be alone forever hahahaha


I swear i shaved yesterday…….oh that was 2 weeks ago…….


I never have enough clean workout clothes.


It’s a battle every morning.

something fun to leave you with.


Monday Motivation

Welcome to the last Monday in March!!!!



Well i was supposed to meet with my trainer this morning to do a strength workout at 5am. I rolled over to look at the clock this morning and it was 5:30am…….oops.

Now i know i set my alarm, not only did i set one alarm on my phone, i set 5!!!!! None of them went off. I know i did not roll over and hit the off button 5 times and not once wake up, at least one of them even had a little puzzle i have to solve to make it turn off. I think the universe silenced my phone and decided i needed the rest. Just saying. And that rest cost me $65 because i still had to pay for the session since i stood her up. Now as much as that sucks i totally understand it, my awesome trainer still got her butt out of bed at an ungodly hour to be at the gym to train me so she should get paid if i flake out or oversleep no matter whether it was intentional or not. I just wish it didn’t cost so much lol, but that is what i get for training through a gym. She should really go independent so i can save some money lol.

As for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: bike and swim

Wednesday: AM swim with trainer

Thursday: bike and swim

Friday: OFF!!!

Saturday/Sunday- 6.5 miles one of these days.

Monday Motivation**March 21, 2016



Monday- I am taking today off to rest and relax.

Tuesday- AM spin class

Wednesday- RUn 6 min, Walk 2 min X 6

Thursday- AM swim with trainer

Friday- OFF

Saturday- Trail 10k race!!!!!!!

Sunday- OFF

It is an off week for me, starting the work on the weekends wiped me out as did the time change and i think i might have the edge of something so i am mostly taking it easy. One easy week in the hopes that nothing gets worse.