Monday Motivation**December 21, 2015


Happy Monday!!!

I am so happy that it is a 4 day work week for me!!! I hope you have a short work week as well!

Monday- training apointment at the gym

Tuesday- run and bike at home


Thursday- walk and bike at home

Friday- Christmas!!! 2 mile run

Saturday- spinning class and maybe a swim after

Sunday-  yoga and maybe zumba or a swim after

What are your workout plans for his holiday week?

The official start of Winter**2015

winter-solstice via

Happy Winter Solstice! Today is the shortest day and longest night, but have hope starting tomorrow each day will get a little longer 🙂

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While searching pinterest this is what jumped out at me, apparently to me the winter solstice is all about food this year hahaha.

Which one looks the best to you? How will you celebrate the solstice?

A Mostly Satisfying Saturday

Well Saturday has come to an end, at least for me, there is still about 2 hours left for the rest of the pacific standard time zone.

I ran my 5k this morning


I bested my August 5k time by about 7 minutes!!! Woot woot! New 5k PR for me!

Then i was surfing the internet and found these cute medal/bib displays that i like and  I’m going to (at some point in the next few months) try and piece together my favorite parts into me own creation.




Once i get it figured out and built I’ll show you.

One day i would love something like this too:



I relaxed on the couch the rest of the day while my roommate made hudreds of cookies that i sampled and ate some cookie dough.

Then i knew it was time to workout again since i ate so much crap!

I did 20 minutes on the bike and 25 walking on the treadmill on an incline.



Then it was dinner time!

My roommate and i have decided to go out and party New Year’s Eve and i have decided that i have earned a night of not giving a shit. In the last 6 months my mom got remarried, though I’m happy for her and only want her to be happy, it was very difficult for me, and in the last 2 months i have had surgery, been sick now 3 times, been basically dumped my my best friend of 13 years, my other great friend that i had a ‘ dinner date’ with weekly moved to Indiana and as of  Friday night am now single. I have also come to the realization that my old running partner and I’s friendship was irrevocably changed when i moved back to Nevada and i don’t believe it will ever be the same. Life has sucked recently.

And i seem to be falling back into this i dont want to let myself cry, push all my feelings down pattern which has never lead to good things. It generally leads to self-damaging actions. Thankfully i seem to be using excercise as a crutch which is good.

Whew sorry to get heavy on you!

How do you deal with the difficult things?
How was your Saturday?

FYI, it is sunday morning and i am feeling much less pity party this morning. Still sad but working on moving on.

Book Review**The Chronicles of Kerrigan Books

rae of hope via 

dark nebula via

I subcribed to a…service i guess, called Book Bub when i got my kindle. Everyday it sends you a list about about 10 books in the genres you chose that are super cheap or on sale. I usually get about 3 free ones, and the rest are between $.99-$3.99.

The majority of the books sound horrible and i delete most days without even looking at them but one day there was Rae of Hope, an Ebook, for free that sounded halfway decent. It is a simple fun book, somewhat akin to vampire acadamy, yes a teen supernatural book. But i totally got sucked in and have just bought the 5th or 6th one and read it in a day.

They are definitely not difficult reads, they are just fun. The rest of the books in the series are under $4 i think for each one on your Ereader. Great books to curl up with by the fire to pass a rainy or snowy day or someting to read while traveling when you might get distracted often.



So happy it’s the weekend!!!!

Tomorrow morning is my 5k!!
I ran a mile tonight on the treadmill to keep my legs loose.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Gave my doggie her first bath!! That was an experiance lol. She didn’t really love it.

Sorry there are no photos. I’ll be better!!

How was your Friday night?

A mellow Thursday.


My training session in the pool today went great, i can feel my stamina slowly increasing.

Though by midmorning my stomach was not happy with me. I ordered some probiotics off amazon that should be here Saturday. Apparently there is a GI virus going around….that is just lovely. Like i haven’t been sick enough for one season.

I had a relaxing night of watching The Scorch Trials, if i remeber correctly it was pretty different from the book with the order of events and certain things that happened. I’m not 100% sure if i liked it or not.

Now its off to bed for me. Need sleep. 

A day of planned meals

Happy Thursday!!!!

Though i am writing this Wednesday night. It’s 8:20pm and i am in bed getting ready to pass out. I have a 5:30am training session in the pool. Oh the things we do to train. I am only doing blue apron every 2-3 weeks now so it is time to start meal planning again. It was time anyways if i want to lose some weight and start gearing up my training for an epic race year…..well epic for me Hahahaha.

Here is my meal plan for tomorrow.


Protien bar before my pool workout. They are easy to digest and are light.


Hitting Starbucks after my workout because ill have plenty of time to kill between workout and work.


Morning snack, all cut up and ready to go.


Lunch: a leftover blue apron dinner that i froze. North African shrimp cous cous.


Afternoon snack: energy balls. Found the recipe on pintrest today. Though i made something a lot like it for the trail as well. So simple. Peanut butter, chocolate protein powder (vega for me), oats, honey, and mini chocolate chips (vegan for me) mix and enjoy!
I might have part of a naked juice blueberry protien smoothie if I’m still hungry.


Dinner will be what i have been gobbling up lately. Egg, cheese and veggie sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin. Though i picked up some salsa today so it will be extra yummy!

I usually leave the tv to fall alseep too. Generally a movie i have watched a millions before. Just for some background noise. Tonight choice is


Don’t judge lol.

I just bought this!


And am excited to watch it tomorrow night and compare it to the book!

Also while drifting off i am flipping through this:


Seeing of anything is nearby that i can do in  2016.

Do you plan your meals?
Do you want tv to go to sleep? Or listen to music? Or do you like silence?

Strength workout

Hi all!!!

I am still working on getting all my strength back since surgery. 
Today was a good strength workout, difficult and got me sweating but i can feel the strength and stamina coming back! Yay!!!


I was tempted at work today lol. But i chose a brownie with no frosting and a small scoop of vanilla.


Dinner!!!! I love food!!!! The workout hunger is starting!!!


Lunch was leftover mac and cheese from a blue apron meal.

Last early to bed for me because after 4 days of hard training i was exhausted!!!! And i  am so excited that today is a rest day!!!! I think i might read tonight :mrgreen:

How is your week going so far?

Awesome swim workout

Hi everyone!!!!!

So I’m am starting the very beginning basics of training for a triathalon. My goal is a duathalon in August then a triathalon in September.
The Portland tri-sprint is an 800 meter swim and today i swam a total of 950 meters!!!! Now don’t get too excited yet there were breaks and some rounds i used flippers and paddles and all that stuff but i swam the distance and in less than 50 minutes including my breaks. I still have a LONG way to go but this was seriously inspiring to me today.


Post workout waiting for dinner to cook.

My workout hunger is starting to come back. I need to start planning snacks in between my meals.


Lunch was leftover veggie lasagna that my awesome roomie made for me. It may not look that pretty but it was DELICIOUS!!!!


My vitamin D just arrived from amazon. Here in Oregon we dont see the sun in the winter, pretty much at all and i am already deficienct in vitamin D so yea.


I also started taking this. Gotta keep those joints happy with all this swimming, running, walking, biking and yoga.



I am also alternating taking these. I swear by essential oils. I’ve started taking oregano every night and am not getting sick anymore, knock on wood.

Do you take any supplements? If so what, and why?