Awesome swim workout

Hi everyone!!!!!

So I’m am starting the very beginning basics of training for a triathalon. My goal is a duathalon in August then a triathalon in September.
The Portland tri-sprint is an 800 meter swim and today i swam a total of 950 meters!!!! Now don’t get too excited yet there were breaks and some rounds i used flippers and paddles and all that stuff but i swam the distance and in less than 50 minutes including my breaks. I still have a LONG way to go but this was seriously inspiring to me today.


Post workout waiting for dinner to cook.

My workout hunger is starting to come back. I need to start planning snacks in between my meals.


Lunch was leftover veggie lasagna that my awesome roomie made for me. It may not look that pretty but it was DELICIOUS!!!!


My vitamin D just arrived from amazon. Here in Oregon we dont see the sun in the winter, pretty much at all and i am already deficienct in vitamin D so yea.


I also started taking this. Gotta keep those joints happy with all this swimming, running, walking, biking and yoga.



I am also alternating taking these. I swear by essential oils. I’ve started taking oregano every night and am not getting sick anymore, knock on wood.

Do you take any supplements? If so what, and why?

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