Book Review**The Chronicles of Kerrigan Books

rae of hope via 

dark nebula via

I subcribed to a…service i guess, called Book Bub when i got my kindle. Everyday it sends you a list about about 10 books in the genres you chose that are super cheap or on sale. I usually get about 3 free ones, and the rest are between $.99-$3.99.

The majority of the books sound horrible and i delete most days without even looking at them but one day there was Rae of Hope, an Ebook, for free that sounded halfway decent. It is a simple fun book, somewhat akin to vampire acadamy, yes a teen supernatural book. But i totally got sucked in and have just bought the 5th or 6th one and read it in a day.

They are definitely not difficult reads, they are just fun. The rest of the books in the series are under $4 i think for each one on your Ereader. Great books to curl up with by the fire to pass a rainy or snowy day or someting to read while traveling when you might get distracted often.


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