Monday Motivation**January 18, 2015


Happy Monday!!!!!

Monday- Run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes x 10

Tuesday- weight training session with trainer

Wednesday- swim session with trainer

Thursday- spin class

Friday- OFF

Saturday- 5k and dog park

Sunday- yoga and intervals: run 1 min walk 2 min x 10

Sadly i am going to have to suspend my training (with my trainer) for a month or two once this set of sessions is over because it has put a serious dent in my credit card.  I love it and i love her but i just can’t afford it right now.

Monday Motivation**January 11, 2016


Monday- run 3 miles

Now Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday aren’t locked into a plan yet. I do know 1 day i will have a strength training session, 1 day i will have a training session in the pool and if my trainer and i can work i schedule out i will hopefully have either Tuesday or Thursday morning free so i can go to a spin class before work.

I need to make up for the lack of weekend workouts.

Friday- OFF

Saturday- spin class amd run around the dog park with Artemis.

Sunday-Yoga and run 3 miles.

How about you????

Monday Motivation**January 4, 2016

Holy crap it’s 2016!!!


Monday-20 minute morning yoga video. Its like a wake up routine focusing on different areas each day. 45min bike ride, medium effort. Walk 5 min, run 2 minutes x 6.

Tuesday-20 minute yoga video. Weights with trainer, run 1 mile on the treadmill at 15min pace

Wednesday- morning yoga video

Thursday-am pool session with trainer

Friday- morning yoga video

Saturday- am spin class, run 1 mile on the treadmill at a 15 min pace

Sunday-am yoga class at gym, walk 5 min run 2 min x 6.

Monday Motivation**December 28, 2015

Better late than never right? Hahaha


Monday- i happily took today off and had some roommate bonding time.

Tuesday-bike and walk/run

Wednesday-swim in the am and bike & walk in the pm

Thursday- dance my butt off!!!

Friday- bike and walk/run

Saturday-spinning class and swim ( if spin class isn’t cancelled) if it is then bike and walk/run

Sunday- yoga and swimming in the am and bike & walk/run in the pm.

This isy last week to lose the last pound or two to make my 5lbs weight loss goal for this month.

What are your workout plans?