Monday Motivation**June 25, 2018

running with Brandon is one of my favorite things to do.

I worked out 4 days last week

Time to break the foam roller back out

Vanilla shakology with frozen strawberries and a smidge of coffee

Weekend walk with my old roommate

Quesadilla and salad for lunch. I have been adding bell pepper, tomato and onion tops to my quesadillas lately.

Homemade lunchables!!! Less expensive and healthier!

Post workout crazy hair


Muscles!!!!!!……almost lol

May goal check-in

revamp my diet and STICK to it!

How did this go? I’m losing about 1 lbs a week

Drop two clothing sizes, go from a 10 to a 6. Should be inching toward that 6. ??? I am inching toward an 8 lol

Stop overspending!!!! Still keeping no money on my, $20/month going to accts, at least $100/month going into savings Money saved:almost $50

Take a few minutes every day to sit in quiet reflection, meditate, and do something spiritual. 10 minutes a day, full moon and new moon and celebrate May Day!! Which is today. Out of 31 days I did: I celebrated the new moon.

Continue to work on and grow my relationship with Brandon. Outing every weekend, cook dinner together, and garden together

4 outings: camping, dinner and a movie, 1 date box

May Goals


The goals for the year broken down for this month:

1) Start running again

2) eat healthy

3) Stop buying things until you organize what you have

Take a few minutes every day to sit in quiet reflection, meditate, and do something spiritual. 10 minutes a day, full moon and new moon and celebrate May Day!! Which is today.

Plant a minimum of 3 plants a week.

Continue to work on and grow my relationship with Brandon. Outing every weekend, cook dinner together, and garden together

Read 1 non-school book a month

Night in Box

This is the other date subscription box I bought called “night in boxes”

The theme this month was Blind Date

This box sends an email ahead of time with suggested menu choices (you buy and make it all yourself). It suggested small meat, cheese and bread like items and I added the mac and cheese in case we were still hungry.


Have I mentioned he hates taking pictures lol.

Once again I had a lot of fun but overall this date box was lacking in my opinion. It came with 2 blindfolds, a small dry erase board and some cotton candy (if you can call it that) and a link to a website with voice recordings telling you what to do.

The concept was great. You did some talking to each other, 1 person put the blindfold on and had to draw something then draw it again with directions from the other person and vice versa. Then 1 person put the blindfold on and the other created an obstacle course and led the blindfolded person through it with commands and vice versa so it was great for communication. Then there were 10 questions you both had to answer. Then there was a part that had the potential to get a little sexy or just really messy, you both put on the blindfolds and fed the (terrible) cotton candy to each other and put some on a body part, such as your shoulder and had them lick it off and so forth. But the cotton candy was TERRIBLE!!! it wasn’t light and fluffy at all, it was all compact and crappy and had no flavor………though maybe cotton candy has always had no flavor and I am just now old enough to recognize that.

Overall I had fun but this box was definitely not worth the $30 something I paid for it. But I will never think that spending quality time with my man is a waste. So far DateBox is winning over Night In boxes.

We will see what next month holds!

Date Night! Box

I put on a dress for the occasion, nothing fancy, tonight was all about a comfortable night in. He wore pajamas hahahahaha.

Date Box is a monthly subscription box where (almost) everything you need is delivered to you in a box for a fun date night in (or out if they have arrangements in your city and you choose that option).

The inside of the box.

Kettle corn was one of the snacks provided in the box. I had a lot of fun popping the corn, though once it started popping it was really hard to get the sugar and salt in there without losing a bunch of corn popping out of the pan! I ended up only putting in like 3 of the 7 sugar packets which worked out well anyways, Brandon prefers salty to sweet.

Apple cider for a drink (we also shared a coke zero)

Caramel apples were a bust, probably because I have no patience to cook the sauce correctly and it is difficult to keep a specific temperature on an electric stove, so I did a little improvising and made a caramel sauce to dip some apple slices in, though I ended up not really liking it but Brandon dipped his popcorn in it to make it caramel corn hahahaha.

The completed (kettle)popcorn

Our final food spread, we added the corn dogs, they seemed to fit with the theme.

After bring up the playlist for the night (more on that below) there are a few “conversation starters” they were totally corny but I actually really liked them. They made us think about what we liked in the other person, what about with each other made us better, what we like about having each other as support. I think even though its corny it is good for couples to take a few minutes and think about that kind of stuff, even if you end of laughing at the answers.

We laughed and joked and had a good time. He even sort of posed for the picture!

Overall we laughed and had fun and talked a little bit so I think it was a total success, but to be objective……the caramel apple sauce was pretty crappy and I read other reviews where people had issues with it too.

The escape room game was fun and cheesy but way easier than a real in person escape room (we did one about 2 months ago). Brandon didn’t like how easy it was, I will say I liked that they had a website to go with it that kept you honest about the hour time limit to the game and gave some hints as the time went on. We might not have figured out the first clue without the hints lol.

I liked that a spotify playlist came with the box to “set the mood” creating a playlist would have taken a lot of time and if I did it on my free Pandora there would have been ads. The playlist was also nice and long, it consisted of 42 songs, more than enough to fill the entire night with music.

You do need a few things for the box so be sure to flip through the directions and recipes before you sit down to do it. Since we just moved in and haven’t fully stoked our pantry Brandon had to hit the store on his way home from work for the few last minute things we needed (like the correct oil to pop the popcorn in).

Overall for the price, around $34 for the box, I think it was worth it. Going out would have probably added up to a lot more than that and this was snacks and an activity alonf with some bonding stuff. It was a little cheesy for Brandon but I think he had fun too. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next month. (I bought a 3 month subscription) At the end of the 3 months I will evaluate if I want to do another 3 months.

If you would like to try DateBox here is a link for $10 off your first box.

*This is not an ad, I paid for the DateBox subscription myself and am not getting paid for this post.

January Goal check in


Blog at least 3 times a week- so I need a minimum of 14 blog posts including January 31st Actual number of posts:

PROPERLY train for and run a half, full and ultra marathon- half marathon training is up first, the minimum number of miles I need have run this month to keep up good training is- 60 miles Actual number of miles: 12, I am not made about this, leaving town and dealing with my brothers death this month has taken everything I have so I am just happy I have gotten out and moved once a week. Now the goal is to make it at least twice a week and so on and so forth.  

Revamp my diet and STICK TO IT!!!! –

Breakfast-juice and muffin or toast and coffee (most mornings I had oatmeal, which I consider healthy)

Midmorning snack- Slimfast or smoothie (slimfast or cheese and crackers)

Lunch- Soup or salad (not quite as much but most of the time it was soup or something homemade)

Dinner- Anything I want as long as it is make at home

After dinner- tea or hot chocolate


Did you stick to this? Overall I stuck to this about half the time, having to leave town for almost 2 weeks to deal with my brothers death certainly derailed this.


Get A’s in all my classes this year- Keep a running tally of my % in my class(es) Current %: 84.83, again I missed the entire first week of class so I am pretty happy with an 84 especially since A&P is a difficult class.

Drop two clothing sizes, go from a 10 to a 6 –Stick with the aforementioned meal plan and marathon training and I should be golden. How is this going? Yea right lol

Stop overspending!!!! – I am not keeping any forms of payment on me at work so that I cannot pop next door to the little market whenever the desire strikes and I only get to eat out once this month so I better choose well. Money saved: $100. I got $100 in my savings and didn’t take it out but I did go on a little spending spree after getting back from Reno and having to face real life again.

Take a few minutes every day to sit in quiet reflection, meditate, and do something spiritual –I have a 5 line a day little diary and a 366 day devotional I am starting to use. Out of 31 days I managed how many days: 12, I packed my little diary and took it to Reno with me then never unpacked it when I got home, I really need to do that.

Continue to work on and grow my relationship with Brandon – we need to get out and do something every week, we currently have Thursday evening through Sunday morning together and I don’t want us to just sit on the couch the whole weekend so my goal is at least one outing a weekend (they just need to be free outings lol)

Our 4 weekend outings:

I was out of town the first 2 weekends

Went for a trail run then hit the Tillamook cheese factory

Went out to his grandparents house

Read 1 non-school book a month- I already met that goal this month so let’s see if I can squeeze in a second one before school starts.

Books read this month: The quarter-acre farm

All in all I didn’t hit most of my goals but considering the circumstances I am ok with this. I got up everyday and kept going, I did the things I needed to do and managed to not completely tank everything. Go me!