Tidbits from the week

WHEW! It is over! Finals for this quarter are done! Time to rest and relax!

And of course I am now sick. I don’t know if its a cold or what but my throat is on fire however my nose isn’t stuffed up so who knows. I spent the majority of Thursday and Friday laying in bed watching movies and sleeping and now I am back at work trying to talk as little as possible and taking lots of sips of water to sooth my throat. I need to pick up more throat lozenges but I can only have so many of those before they start to kill my mouth, too much menthol maybe, I don’t know.

That is pretty much what my week has been, work, study, finals, and sickness. Wish me luck that I recover quickly. I hope the rest of you have a great weekend!

Tidbits from the week

Hello from California!!!!! I love when I get to come down and visit my friends and family! My goal is generally to come down at least once a year.

Here is my food from the week:

Remember I am on vacation so cut me a little slack lol. 




Frozen mashed potatoes, restaurant cheeseburger w/fries, Starbucks tall non-fat, no-whip extra shot caramel frappachino, and for dinner a shot of vodka and a buffalo chicken salad. 


Turkey burger at TGIFridays with a side salad after my friends graduation. 


Starbucks tall non-fat, no-whip extra shot caramel frappachino and an egg white, cheese and turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. 

2 cheese enchiladas w/rice and beans, chips and salsa, and 2 mimosas!

1.5 strawberry margaritas, half a TGIFridays chicken quesadilla and half of their pretzel and cheese 

Today was bad day lol. 

In non-food news:

Went for a little 3 mile run walk with the roommate Sunday night.

 I finished my first ever bottle of red wine and LOVED it! I didn’t open the bottle on Sunday though lol I had a glass each night with dinner for a few nights. But more about wine later…….

Monday was my last full school day of this quarter!!!! So excited!!!!!

Tuesday I went for a short treadmill run

I wanted to run longer but my back was killing me. 

Wednesday we had a cleaner come which I am so happy about!!! And i flew to California!!!

Thursday was my best friend Nicole graduation! I am so proud of her!

After graduation we all went out to dinner. 

Friday morning I met my oldest friend for coffee before she had to go to work. We have known each other since we were 2!

After that I went to lunch and hung out with my friend Chanelle

This morning I slept in a bit and this afternoon/evening I have a banquet for my graduate friend!!

Tidbits from the week

Last week!!! Let the finals cramming begin!!!!!

Food for the week







What’s been going on this week:

Sunday was the BF’s birthday. My roommate gave me gift cards to take him out so we went to claim jumpers. It was nice to go out and really nice to not have to let him pay. I got to treat him and that was awesome so big shout out to my roommate who made that happen.

Since I’m low on money I made the BF coupons he can use in the relationship for his gift hahahaha.

We ended May,

22 miles, that is nothing in the running world but I’m happy my mileage is slowly increasing.

Tuesday I got a nice run in on the treadmill

Thursday the BF came over after work and we got in a little evening run together

It was super fun. Then I made us a super simple Bolognese sauce over fettuchini with some wine.

And we watched Bridget Jones Baby. It was a really fun and relaxed night.

The BF is out of town this weekend on a bachelor party camping trip so I gloriously did nothing on Friday. I went to my last lab, picked up the puppy, we ran some errands and picked up lunch then I sat on the couch with them and binge watched TV. It was pretty great hahaha.

Tidbits from the week

7 Weeks down, 3 to go!! The end is NEAR!!

As I mentioned on Wednesday I have challenged myself to 30 days of no fast food.

Here is my food for the week:






Smoothie, 2 corns on the cobb, half a homemade quesadilla, Lo Mein, homemade frittata on toast


I forgot pictures: Smoothie, a few bites of leftover Lo Mein, coffee and 3/4 of a biscotti, teriyaki burger and fries, a shared hard cider with the BF and pizza oh and a coke.

On Monday Artemis and I went for a little 1.5 mile walk in between 1st class and 2nd. I made pasta for dinner for Monday night and actually looked up what a serving size is and how to measure it. Normally I just pour the pasta in the boiling water until it looks like enough. Turns out a 2oz serving of dry pasta is 3/4 cup (I couldn’t find the 3/4 cup so I used 1/2 and 1/4 hahaha) and this is what I got………holy cow, I normally pour about 3x that.

Apparently I really need to start looking at my serving sizes.

Tuesday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and walked about a mile with the roommate outside before rain and hail then random bits of sunshine shone through.

Thursday I got out for a very short run, I felt a little funky so I cut the run short.

Friday the BF and I went to a place called tree2tree adventure park where they have all rope courses and zip lines and stuff you can play on. I took a few pre pictures but cameras/phones weren’t encouraged when actually up the trees in case you dropped them. The courses ranged from 5 feet in the air up to 35 feet in the air!!!! We took a little road trip on the way there to make a day of it after I got out of lab.

I really thought I was going to enjoy this adventure but wowza. I like the little ‘training camp’ area they  had to practice on, mostly the practice was on clipping and unclipping your harness when going from obstacle to obstacle and I was scared but enjoyed the easy levels which were anywhere from 5-10ish feet off of the ground. It was nerve wracking but pretty fun…….they we went to the intermediate one which started at about 5-10ft off the ground and went up to 35ft and started getting a lot more wobbly and difficult. The first intermediate one was 8 obstacles and 2-3 zip lines. About half way through the panic really set in and some hyperventilating like breathing started. By the 2nd to last obstacle I was holding back tears and talking to myself, the world drilled down to a pinprick in front of me and all I was aware of was me saying: you can do it, you can do it, one more step, one more obstacle, you got this, its ok, you are ok , you are ok, you are ok, don’t panic, don’t panic, its fine. I got to the end of that last zip line with my feet planted on the ground and could not get unhooked fast enough. I put my head between my legs and just breathed. The BF was sweet to me, we bought me a coke because I was shaking and I sat down for 20-30minutes.

After about a 20 minute break we went to do the other intermediate course, I didn’t really want to but we had paid $50 each to do this and I knew the BF was having fun so I tried to suck it up for him and get 1 more course done. This course stayed a little lower than the other intermediate one but was more difficult in that there were more unstable shaky obstacles. And unlike the others which all started on the ground this one you had to climb a ladder to get to it. I started climbing that ladder and said NOPE! I need a few more minutes, I was still shaky.

After a little longer I steeled my resolve and said, ok there are 10 things total, just get through them and you don’t have to get back up there. I rocketed through that course and didn’t talk to anyone but myself, didn’t hear anyone, the BF said he fell and made faces at me to show me it was ok, I didn’t see anything, I was so focused on the next step and getting the hell off there. Once again I was almost crying by the end but I did it. Then I convinced the BF to do the 1st of 2 advanced courses by himself while I watched and walked the course with him. So glad I didn’t go that one, it was half zip lines which made it a little easier but the obstacles it did have looked intense and I was mini panicking just watching him do it. All and all I am glad I did it, and it got us out of the house and I know that if I am ever on the amazing race I can force myself to do the insane tasks but I apparently scared of heights. Which is funny cause sky diving didn’t bother me at all except getting nauseous because I had an empty stomach, but I loved skydiving. Weird the things that affect us.

Tidbits from the week

Week 6! Just 4 weeks left! That is terrifying but awesome, these quarters go by so quickly!!!!

Last week I took my Chem midterm and got a B woohoo. I took my Bio midterm on Monday and got an A.

I worked on Sunday then the BF came over for dinner, it was the healthiest mostly premade dinner you can probably do lol. We had brown rice, rotisserie chicken (those premade, precooked ones you can buy at the store) and corn on the cob.

Monday in between classes Artemis and I went on a little 1.5 miles hike, see all those stopping points on the walk, she found some really good smells hahahahaha!

I took some of that leftover chicken and made an awesome salad! I may have to do this more often. Then off to work I went.

What I am listening to this week:

Tuesday I got out and did a total of 3.2 miles running. It was 1.2 miles on the treadmill then 2 miles outside.

Wednesday I relaxed in between classes.

Thursday I got another 3 miles in.

I bf and I were supposed to hike on Friday but during Chem lab I started not feeling so well so we just stayed in an relaxed. We watched some Bear Grylls and got pizza and fell asleep at 6pm hahahaha. Apparently we both needed sleep. It was a good relaxing day but I am bummed about missing hiking.

3 workouts completed this week!

Tidbits from the week

And with that we are almost 1/2 through the quarter and are about to say goodbye to April!

School this week was ok. I skipped chem class on Monday, I was in a bad head space and needed to chill.

I relaxed with the puppy and watched some TV.

I am not feeling as dedicated this quarter though, probably because I am working full time as well which is a big adjustment.

I discovered this which tastes way too good and is probably going to kill me. I am slowly getting used to my new schedule, but by Wednesday night I am so wiped out.

Tuesday I got a little food prep done, mini frittatas


Which make 2nd breakfast/early lunch a breeze

Pretty delicious and ready in less than 5 minutes!

I also broke down and spent $35 on a magic bullet, protien smoothies are a great start to the day!!!

Then I had some pizza and salad, balance right?? Hahahahaha

I also went for a little walk outside with the roommate then jumped on the treadmill.

I need to start yoga again. My lower back is killing me and I think its pinching a nerve in my leg.

What I am currently listening to:

It is SUPER interesting, at least I think it is.

Friday it was pretty nice weather so after lab the BF and I did a little 4 mile hike! And before we left he made pot roast, threw it in a cast iron pot and let it cook on low until dinner time…….so good!!!!!!


I was looking on Pinterest for some slow cooker meal prep and came across this, it sounded amazing. Here is the recipe I used from familyfreshmeals.com:

I used veggie crumbles and veggie broth, I also used store bought spaghetti sauce I had in the cupboard to replace the tomato sauce and the v8 juice. I wanted to make the meal as inexpensive as possible so I used everything I already had, all I bought was a can of diced tomatoes and shredded mozzarella cheese to put on top afterwards. I followed the directions and put everything in the slow cooker accept the pasta and cheese and turned it on high. It says to let it cool for 4-5 hours but since my meat is veggie I put the noodles in after about 3 hours then let it cool an additional 45min.

My adorable little crockpot, perfect when meal prepping or cooking for two.


The finished product

It is a little blander than I would like but pretty good. I am excited to keep working on it, I know with a few tweaks it’s gonna be awesome!!!!


After taking this to work and reheating it, I ended up throwing most of it away, the noodles were sooo mushy when sitting for a few days and reheating them. And instead of the flavor improving it got more bland or something. IDK, it did not work for me, I will stick to making real lasagna because that keeps very well for meal prep.