Marmot pass Day 2

Even though I didn’t sleep very well I woke up to the cutest face ever!

I can’t get over how flipping adorable she is!

After the freezing night we woke up to frost on the ground

Artemis in her little sweater

We had a great view!

After some breakfast we packed up and were on our way!

We were tired so we rocketed back to the car. Plus going down is faster than going up so it took us about 1/2-2/3 the amount of time to get back to the car. 

On the way back Artemis got bit on the butt by a bug, poor thing, I gave her 1/2 a benadryl and that took care of any swelling and she is fine now. I got stung by a yellow jacket, my first sting in probably 20 years, good thing I’m not allergic!

I’ve never been so happy to be back in my car lol. The dogs passed out pretty fast. We stopped for McDonald’s and Starbucks and made the 5 hour trip back home. 

Monday was a lot of relaxing, we all dogs included, spent most of it on the couch but I managed to get some laundry done and a bit of unpacking and some grocery shopping done. 

How was your weekend?

Do you like the uphill or downhill better on a hike?

Marmot pass day 1

We were out the door by about 7:30 and hit McDonald’s for a high calorie breakfast. Both dogs were excited but unsure what was going on as well. 

The roommates little dog dog got too excited/nervous and barfed a little. So our start was cleaning

Then we were off on the 6 hours drive!

It took us about 5 hours to get to the area then another hour to go the 15 miles on dirt/gravel/pot whole road to the trailhead. 

And we are off!!!!

The first 3.5 miles of the trail were beautiful!!

Had nice rolling hills and crossed the water several times.

There were some interesting water crossings

Artemis was a little hesitant of the flowing water in the beginning then she got a little more comfortable 

We had some fun kookie moments

So after those nice 3.5 miles we took a little break, had some pop tarts and snacks, love trail food, and drank some water and Gatorade. Poor Carra got stung by a bee. Then we headed out to do another 3.5 miles to the top……except these 3.5 miles were straight up! 1500 feet in about 2.5 miles. 

I was pretty slow on the uphill so she would stop and wait for me to catch up. She is sooooo freaking cute and sweet!!! Or she would turn around and come find me. 

I was dying a little. 

I stopped and took a break about 1 mile from out stopping point because the direction milage was a little off and I was dying!!

These block got me through the last mile. 

She settled in behind me for a little rest behind me

We slugged it the last mile and settled in. 

Got our tent set up

Nice little view from out campsite 

Can you find Artemis?

Someone passed out really quickly 

We ate, listened to a little bit of a book on tape and tried to sleep

It was a loooong night. I finally dozed off around 9:30 then at 10:30 Artemis got up from our feet where she at been sleeping and bounded up toward me shaking. The poor thing was freezing. I got her halfway in my sleeping bag and cuddled up. She warmed up and I turned my sleeping bag into a blanket for us. She warmed up got comfy and fell asleep. But every hour or 2 either she would wake up and move around or part of my arm would go numb cause I was laying funky trying to keep her warm. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well. Of course once I was awake it took me another hour to fall back asleep. 

I got 4-5 hours of sleep. 

But overall it was a good day. 


I hit up REI with my friend and saw a rainbow 

Picked up a new hydration bladder since mine from the PCT got a little funky. Thank you mom and stepdad for your REI dividends!! My bought my new bladder!

Packing can get a little messy

A little lunchable snack before bed

A little Veronica Mars to find down

Laid out my clothes for tomorrow.  Always good to be prepared and ready to go

All packed and ready to go

See you in the AM!!

A relaxing morning, a planned hike and guilt

Yes! Thursday is half way through and tomorrow is Friday! I am really looking forward to Friday at 6pm, not just because work is over but because I have a running date!!!!! This is going to be like my perfect date and I am super stoked, I just wish it wasn’t going to be 90, but oh well. But more on that tomorrow night.

After running twice yesterday I slept in this morning, oh man I needed it. And I got some puppy cuddles which was wonderful.  

It is my lunch right now so I used the emergency  $5 I have started keeping tucked in my purse  (for when my funds run out before my next paycheck)

And bought myself a much needed starbucks 

Now I am sitting in the shade of starbucks relaxing before I have to go back to work. I needed to get away from the office and take a deep breathe. 

Anywho on an awesome note my roommate and I have planned our labor day hike!!!!! I think it’s going to be amazing!!!! Difficult I’m sure but awesome. The guilt comes from the fact that dogs aren’t allowed on this trail so the pups have to be left behind. Artemis will be mad at me. 

I can’t believe Artemis and I are coming up on our 1 year anniversary!!! I got her in November of last year. We’ll have to do something special. 
Big shout out to my awesome mom who is tiding me over until my next paycheck. Moving wiped out my finances this month and I know some overdraft fees would be coming if she wasn’t helping me out and a shout out to my brother who is sending me some money at the beginning of next month to help get me started on the right foot next month. 

Thank goodness for family. I don’t know where I would be without them. 

And now I should start thinking about heading back to work……..but I really dont want to. I want to go home to my puppy.

Happy Harvest Day!!!

Today is the begining of the Gaelic Harvest Season!

fc95dbfe66de97c4af59bbf5da1c09e4 Via

Today is a great day to try your hand at baking something made from wheat!!

And remember that most of our food comes from the earth, so take a moment and thank the Earth for all the wonderful food it provides for us!!!!

ad0dfe0ef7231873ac7ce40785af8f83 from this site

I think i will be definitely trying to make this! it looks delicious!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!! 

I had a mostly low key day, I had a training session at 6am then came home and just relaxed all day. 

The puppies and I enjoyed being lazy

I found this Hawaiian punch mix I had bought for the trail and it helped satisfy my sweet craving today! Score!!

The rest of the night was spent watching movies and holding my poor baby when really loud fireworks went off. But now I have 2 fans on in my room and Girl more girls playing and the fireworks are finally starting to slow down…….it’s almost midnight and now she’s calming down and it’s sleep time

 I had planned in going to spin class and then a quick swim before work but that is sooooo not happening now so I guess I’ll go after work instead. 

Home from my trip and the week’s recap

Back to work today!!!

The end my trip was nice, we tried to go to the gym and swim Morning but the pool was closed because the office was closed, don’t ask me to explain it cause i can’t lol.

Then we went to the beach for lunch, which sadly was dissapointing, especially considering the prices, oy.

But the dogs had a blast at the beach!




These pictures make me soooo happy, seeing how happy she is.

20160530_135544 (1)

Mom was freezing though hahaha.

After a LOOOOONG drive home, at least it felt that way there was no way i was cooking


After we got home she was wiped out!


And of course after having been there i had to watch Twilight hahaha


Horrible picture.

Ok recap on last weeks workouts, you can find what the plan was here.

this is what actually happened,

monday: AM strength workout

tuesday: OFF

wednesday: AM swim workoug

thursday: OFF

friday: OFF

saturday: 30 min spin, 20 minutes misc stregth

sunday: 5 mile run


Not my best workout week hahaha.


Sunday Funday!!

This morning started out with a run.
Protein and honey bunches of oats were breakfast


I did 5 miles, my mom made it to about 2.5 with me.



We were a little slow lol.


I just ran out on the roads



Still pretty and great running weather.

Then mom and I went out for lunch or a late 2nd breakfast depending on what you want to call it.


Yep I had bacon!!!!
Mom and I shared the pancake.
Then we drove around a bit and found Dr. Cullen’s parking space by accident


After lunch mom, stepdad and I took the dogs for a little hike.





It was pretty Flippin beautiful. 

And now I am tired so it’s off to bed!!!
I hope you had a great day!

Post New Years and randomness

Hi!!!! I hope you had a great New Years!!! Mine was fun but too excessive.

I went out in New Year’s Eve with my roommate, we went dancing and drinking. My intention was to party and i did. I dont drink much anymore so 6 shots in about 3 hours resulted in some lovely alcohol poisening for me. I couldn’t even keep water down until about 2pm on Friday. Then i ordered a pizza and stuffed cheesy bread that i snacked on the rest of the day. Between the greasy pizza and gatorade and water i survived. But this endeavor did prompt me to decided to give up alcohol for the 2016 year. I just really don’t need it and  never feel good with the after effects. I have also gone back to being a vegetarian. I just feel so much better without meat in my system.

My desk at work is ready for the new year.



A fun dake aquirium from my roommate to help me look forward to Hawaii!!

Remember those PR and run 50 states boards i liked. Here is what i have so far


I don’t think thats too shabby.



Yep, i made that! Lol
My christmas/new years gift to myself is this


It has some super awesome stuff in it!!!





I am super stoked for it. It is really going to help my training and see where i need improvements and where i can back off. It’s going to be great to help me get safely though all my races this year.

How was your New Years?

Tuesday tangents


I decided to enjoy a day off from my calorie counting and be bad lol.



Was freaking delicious and i loved every bite of it!!!! Of course today i ran slower than a slug.


Damn the dollar bins at target.

I had to hit target to get stocking stuffers for my roommates. We did our Christmas last night.


I finally caved and got an Eos chopstick. I like it but am not 100% sold yet.


I failed at wrapping this year.


Every year my roommate C makes ornaments for everyone who lives here :mrgreen: my initials are on the other side.


I got this awesome comfy sweater from my roommate E. How awesome is this pattern?!


This was C’s gift to me. She bought me a luau while we are in Hawaii!!


My mom got this for me hahahaha along with a kickass REI raincoat that is super cute. Its fashionable and functional.


But i have to admit, this is what i got most excited about lol. Its a calendar!!! I’ll get new tips and facts everday!!!

How was your holiday??