School Catch-up

How is school going this quarter…..ehh. My class ends in 4 days, I currently have an A so I am doing something right but by no means did I perform to the best of my ability. I did great at the beginning of the quarter, I set time aside to study and did my vocab, read the book chapters and worked through the workbook and looked at the online lessons. As the quarter progressed I started just doing the vocab, which did enough that I have an A in the class but currently there is a significant chance it will drop to a B after the final which is 40% of my grade.

Monday evening and all of Tuesday will be reviewing and cramming so I don’t bomb the final which is comprehensive.

I think several things contributed to me slacking off at the end here:

  1. Taking the class online makes it easy to slack, I don’t need to answer a teachers questions or contribute to any in class discussions.
  2. At work I was either studying or had it up in the background while I was taking a break from the vocab and reading a book online, which meant that for almost 40 hours a week I was doing superficial easy studying of medical terminology (which seems like it would be great but I am at work so I can’t really focus which means this wasn’t very deep studying) and because I was ‘studying’ it so much I had no desire to even look at or think about medical terminology outside of work. I did a little studying on my phone here and there but that quickly ceased.
  3. I watch WAY too much TV outside of work, this has always been a problem for me, I become so unproductive when I turn the TV on, and once I turn it on, it tends to stay turned on. As my work load becomes more intense this will HAVE to change.
  4. All lumped into one: time management, space, organization
    1. I need to create a study space, someplace I go or set up that says it’s study time. I used to have a whole setup when I first went to school. I still have everything I need but haven’t created the space. Or of course I would camp out on campus in the library between classes or between class and work and I haven’t gotten back to giving myself that option yet.
  5. Headspace-I don’t think I have completely readjusted to being a student, I am still seeing work as the largest commitment in my life and I need to shift that thinking and focus to school.


I will not be taking any classes during the fall semester/quarter due to the cruise. I am going to go enjoy the cruise and enjoy this as my last big adventure for a little while because live is going to severely change. When I get back I need to get all my vaccines up to date, and take the American Red Cross’ Basic live saving CPR class then apply for a CNA class. My boyfriend and I are also working on moving in together. I will start the CNA class in January (baring any problems) which is a 7 credit class and will take a lot of time. After that it is the nursing program which will take more time. So I have 4.5 miles to get my sh*t completely together. I will keep you posted!


What’s been going on over here

I have been on a serious sweet tooth kick over here. Made my coffee a mocha.

Always fun to study something that no one knows what it does

Salad and something with cheese has been a big lunch time ritual for me lately.

pork roast with veggies and rice. I love using the slow cooker

Artemis and I enjoyed the eclipse by going for a run. It was pretty eerie. People looking at the sun with glasses while it got dark then as a group would turn and look at us run by, very pod people-esque. I kept waiting for zombies to jump out at us.

Smoothies are still a big thing over here.

More salad and cheese.

Mmmmm breakfast sandwich from the coffee shop near work.

Life has been food, running, work and starting to freak out about Europe hahaha. Talk to you soon!!!!!

Monday Motivation**July 24, 2017

How’s it going this fine July morning?

School is going good but the subject matter is getting more and more in-depth so my study time is increasing. But I am still loving it!!!! It is all so interesting! I just have to take it day by day otherwise I get overwhelmed at the thought of all the information I need to absorb in the next few years.

(Image from google)

Back to mostly juice!!!

Here is my morning juice, it was 3 carrots, some ginger, 1 apple and 2/3 of a peach (I had to cut off parts that were going bad). I was a little surprised at how happy I was getting back to juice this morning. Like my recycling of the Gatorade bottle hahaha.


I drank half my 2nd juice before lunch and half after

This was 1 cucumber, 3 celery and an orange…i think thag was it. 

Dinner was spaghettios and a quesadilla. 

Ive decided Sunday is going to be a lean in day and the 3 official days will be mon, tues and wed. This way i can head to my Bfs for dinner Sunday nights if our schedules allows it. 

How was your weekend?