Fall 2018 quarter is over!!!!!! As I type this I am sitting on the couch with a chicken roasting in the oven watching old episodes of criminal minds and drinking my 2nd glass of wine. I didn’t have to work today and spent the day doing very little. I have read (non-school book) a little, watched TV, done a little laundry and taken the pup for a nice walk.

This quarter was phenomenal, I loved my Anatomy and Physiology class! I am very excited for my next quarter but I am also very excited for the next 4 weeks off. This quarter made me so excited for nursing school. We got to use stethoscopes, EKG machines, we started taking pulses and it was my introduction to the cadaver lab. This was one of my favorite school quarters to date and I think they are just going to get better and better! I won’t lie though it was soooo hard to get back into school and study mode after the wedding and honeymoon. For that whole week I didn’t think about school or anything. Coming back and having to study instead of just spend time with my husband was very difficult.

At this point I know i finished my psychology class with an A but I won’t know my A&P grade for a few days. I am also currently wait listed on both the classes I need for winter quarter so fingers crossed some peoples plans change. As long as I get into the classes that I need I will be applying to nursing schools in February. I will keep you posted.

Tonight I am making roast chicken with potatoes, onions, bacon and green beans. It is a recipe from Mastering the Art of French cooking. The interesting thing about Mastering the Art of French cooking, though this is only my 3rd recipe, is how simple they are. The recipes usually have a lot of steps and take a long time to make but the ingredients are so simple its amazing and so far the first two recipes were delicious and this one certainly smells wonderful.

I took the last 5 days off working out to focus on studying for my final but tomorrow I am back at it!! I am contemplating my first sprint triathlon for my 31st birthday this coming year…………..

European Cruise: Day 14 Corsica

We have reached France. We are in port from 7am-7pm and have a half day excursion. countryside drive and wine tasting! Kind of like pizza in Naples you cant be in the south of France and not try wine. Again its a commandment. We are also going to an essential oil factory to see how they make perfume and to a nougat factory, wine and candy, best day ever!!!!

Today was another day we had to take a little boat from the ship to the shore.

The view from the essential oil factory. It was set up in the hills and beautiful.

Overall I wasn’t super impressed with the factory, there was nothing wrong with it but we have essential oil here so I wasn’t super wowed.

This video doesn’t exist

Posing in front of the fermenting wine hahahahaha. Their wine was good and SUPER economical. I got their rose, which was an award winner, for 7.50 euros! That’s like $10.

Had to take a picture with the vineyards.

The nougat factory we went to was small, cute and local. The owner came out and gave us a demonstration, and we got to of course sample everything. I bought some little cookies they called Napoleons, shaped like his hat. Corsica was the birthplace of Napoleon. I am going to try and upload a video of the guy but we will see if my phone cooperates.

This was a half day tour and I had every intention of going out and exploring the town but a wicked headache started to hit me on the way back so I went back to the room…..where it just got worse and worse until I was on the floor trying not to cry (because that just makes a headache worse) to the point where I got nauseous from the pain and vomited. At that point it was time to go to the medical area. I went down practically in tears, they gave me a shot to stop the nausea so I didn’t get dehydrated and some pain meds for the headache. I ordered a pizza to my room and went to sleep.


Tidbits for the week

Hi!!! Lets catch up on this week.

There is not a single day I go without studying, whether it is reading a chapter and doing work like that below (PS that is what your tonsils look like when you have tonsillitis), working on my online hw, or studying vocab on an app.

I got this little gel for curly hair in the little sample packs I was getting each month and loved it. I had been looking for a good curly gel , I just went out and purchased the full size one.

I went to Costco looking for this Chinese chicken salad mix they used to have but of course they discontinued it!! ARG!!!! So instead I walked out with Strawberries, raspberries and chicken sandwiches. OMG the fruit prices at Costco!!! Why have I been going to the grocery store???!!! All of this was $15. I am so going back.

I have been making smooties with the fruit, though really its like a fizzy drink more than a smoothie because I don’t have ice at home and have been adding strawberry kiwi emergency powder. It’s pretty good though I need to get some frozen fruit to add in and thicken in up, but this works for now.

2.3 miles run/walk on Monday. My times are still pretty slow but hey the 2nd mile was faster than the 1st so yay!!!!!

Tuesday held a delicious pre-run breakfast curtosy of my wonderful boyfriend

After that yummy breakfast we went out for a 5 mile run. 6 was the goal but we went out a little late and ran out of time before I had to come back and get ready for work.

Check out this grading!!!!You need a 75% to pass, I mean yay that medical students are held to a higher standard, I certainly want the people saving my life to be extra competent but damn lol. I have been in classes were a 68% was passing.

Quickie little run Thursday morning, my legs felt a bit like lead.

Post run small glass of wine

I have been thinking about swinging my eating a bit more toward the Mediterranean diet kind of eating.

How was your week?

I want to be a wino

Hi everyone!!!!!! 

Generally the only wine I have ever like was sweet wine, like the sweet stuff that males normal wine drinkers gag, total dessert wines. I probably get this from my mom because that is all she drinks. I’ve done a few wine tastings but without real guidance or good food pairings I’ve never found anything else I liked. 

A few weeks ago I saw a post by Monica on her blog RER about Weekly Tasting. I was intreged and I checked it out. I liked the premise of it and signed up. I really liked that I don’t have to slip anything or worry about forgetting to opt out, I have to deliberately go on the website or app and choose to buy that week. 

With your weekly tasting purchase you get your 750ml bottles of wine, a recipe card for a food pairing for each wine as well as a 10 min video by the sommelier who picked the wine and their pairings. And of course you get the expertise of the sommelier who is picking the wines and their pairings. 

I will say there is no way I can or would order the wine pack every week. Firstly it is a little rich for my blood and secondly I could never drink 4 bottles of wine in a week. I am not doing this to get drunk, I want to get better at some pairing so I would have at most 1 glass with a meal. Therefore it will take me about 2 months to get through each 4 pack hahahaha. I will tell you guys about 1 wine at a time probably every other week. 

This is the 1st wine I tried:

Let me tell you I have never said yum about a red wine in my life. 

I listened to the part of the video about this wine while I did my initial tasting.

I poured 1-2 is for a taste test as well as made a piece of sourdough with a little bit of pasta sauce on it because this pairs well with red sauces . 

I smelled it and sniffed for what the video talked about

I could smell most of it, but not everything, need to refine my nose more. It was very fruity actually, not sweet fruity just pleasant. 

Next I looked at the wine and the color (I did these two out of order)

I have no idea what I’m looking for hahahaha, maybe I will figure this part out as I continue 

Then came the taste!

I could actually taste most of what they said in the video and…….i like it!!!! I was pretty surprised that i liked this red wine even to the point of enjoying just sipping on it. 

After tasting it by itself I tried it with the pasta sauce on bread and it was good. 

That is my initial tasting! Now for the pairings. 

I made a spaghetti Bolognese with beef and bell peppers 


Stone fires pizza and salad.

It had the red sauce and the char that the sommelier talked about. Once again super delicious! Totally had this for lunch on a Friday. Day drinking!!!!! Hahahaha