Tidbits for the week

Hi!!! Lets catch up on this week.

There is not a single day I go without studying, whether it is reading a chapter and doing work like that below (PS that is what your tonsils look like when you have tonsillitis), working on my online hw, or studying vocab on an app.

I got this little gel for curly hair in the little sample packs I was getting each month and loved it. I had been looking for a good curly gel , I just went out and purchased the full size one.

I went to Costco looking for this Chinese chicken salad mix they used to have but of course they discontinued it!! ARG!!!! So instead I walked out with Strawberries, raspberries and chicken sandwiches. OMG the fruit prices at Costco!!! Why have I been going to the grocery store???!!! All of this was $15. I am so going back.

I have been making smooties with the fruit, though really its like a fizzy drink more than a smoothie because I don’t have ice at home and have been adding strawberry kiwi emergency powder. It’s pretty good though I need to get some frozen fruit to add in and thicken in up, but this works for now.

2.3 miles run/walk on Monday. My times are still pretty slow but hey the 2nd mile was faster than the 1st so yay!!!!!

Tuesday held a delicious pre-run breakfast curtosy of my wonderful boyfriend

After that yummy breakfast we went out for a 5 mile run. 6 was the goal but we went out a little late and ran out of time before I had to come back and get ready for work.

Check out this grading!!!!You need a 75% to pass, I mean yay that medical students are held to a higher standard, I certainly want the people saving my life to be extra competent but damn lol. I have been in classes were a 68% was passing.

Quickie little run Thursday morning, my legs felt a bit like lead.

Post run small glass of wine

I have been thinking about swinging my eating a bit more toward the Mediterranean diet kind of eating.

How was your week?

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