Monday Motivation**July 10, 2017

Week 3 of summer semester classes. The weather is heating up over here!!! Well it is heating up then cooling down then heating up then cooling down. Early morning is the best time to run but that is a problem for me on several levels right now. Saturday and Sunday morning I already get up at 5am to make it to work by 7am. I would need to be in bed asleep my 8pm to get up at 4am to run, that is really hard to do especially in the summer and especially when Friday is the only full day I get with my boyfriend currently so that is pretty much a no go. Mon-Wed I work 2:30-11pm. If I am lucky I can be in bed falling asleep by 12:15am, normally it is closer to 1am though. Which gives me a 8:30-9am wakeup, which isn’t too bad except currently my mattress is killing back (I am hoping to have a new one soon) and because of this I have to let my back stretch out in the am before I can run, meaning the earliest I can run is around 10am. I need to find something productive to do that still rests my back between when I wake up and 10-10:30am because right now I just watch TV and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

That is my current conundrum.


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Workout goal-3 workouts

I made 2 workouts last week. I just had no energy and watched too much TV. Got to get my stuff together again.


What is your workout goal for the week?

What is your biggest workout challenge right now?

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