Book on tape review

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This book was super fun because she has such a GREAT attitude and wit. She is funny! And of course i love listening to almost anything in an accident. You also get to hear from her trainer and his perspective and at the end she has a section where other people she has run with tell their stories.

It was good, fun, light hearted and great to listen to when running. Listening to her talk about her parts jiggling when she ran, while I ran was awesome. It is great to know that other people out there are also not perfect when they run.

Book on Tape review

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Lately i have gotten a little sick of listening to music when i run, i can only hear the same song so many times before it looses all motivation, so i changed to books on tape. I also like plugging one of these in at work when i need to buckle down and get work done.

Side note, i have ADD so engaging half my brain with a book allows the other half to buckle down and work for longer periods of time than normal.

I listen to all different kinds of books and i shop audible’s sales and things like that.

This actually sounded like a really interesting book and it was. Yes they describe the rapes but I didnt feel that i was overly graphic. I cant believe how sucky the justice system is to rape victims, no not all places are horrible to the victim but some really do suck and that is moslty what the book was about.

Overall i found it to be an intersting book and something intersting to listen to while i ran. No it didnt freak me out, this wasnt about the people who jump out of a bush and attached a random passerby this was about aquantance rape.

Book Review**Morna’s Legacy Series


Books 1-7 are out in this series so far. This is another one where i got sucked in to the first book by getting in free on my kindle. This is a cute series about time traveling back to the 1600s i believe to find your true love. It’s a fun light hearted read. I read the majority of this series during my Hawaii trip. It’s a romance series for sure.

Book Review**A Glimpse of Evil


Here is super fun series that is a very easy read. You don’t even have to read them in order if you don’t want to. I tend to just grab whatever one sounds like i haven’t read it. I think initially i read the 2nd or 3rd one first.

It is a cute story about a psychic who helps the policed or her friend who is a private eye solve cases. She gets herself in some dangerous situations along the way.

A great beach read or something to read between intense books.  

Book Review**Jason



This is book #23 in the Anita Blake series, this is a world where vampires are legal citizens and Anita Blake raises zombies to clear up questions about their wills then puts them back to rest.

I would say its TrueBlood mixed with Bitten mixed with 50 shades of Grey.

Though it doesn’t get too kinky until book 4 or 5. And it was around before any of those series.

I really enjoy this series for a fun read. Definitely don’t start with this book though, its almost all sex and no story line. Start from the begining and get to know the charaters and the world they live in.

Book Review**The Witches Daughter

The witches daughter

I really enjoyed this book. It followed one woman who becomes a witch to save herself through several ‘lives’. She is immortal so the book checks in with her a few times over different decades, i really liked that.

I found it really interesting because of the sneak peak through the decades. I feel like it was a more unique twist on the same old story. I would definitely reccomend this book.

Book Review**Decades


Another free ebook from bookbub. I wasn’t quite sure about this when i first started and it is very slow going, definitely not an action book.
Overall i actually really enjoyed this book. It is of course fiction but i felt like i got a little glimpse into how drastically things changed from the 40s to the 80s, especially for women. I do not envy the people of those times and trying to navigate the waters of past, present and future.

Like i said definitely not an action book but overall i found it very interesting.   

Book Review**The Chronicles of Kerrigan Books

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I subcribed to a…service i guess, called Book Bub when i got my kindle. Everyday it sends you a list about about 10 books in the genres you chose that are super cheap or on sale. I usually get about 3 free ones, and the rest are between $.99-$3.99.

The majority of the books sound horrible and i delete most days without even looking at them but one day there was Rae of Hope, an Ebook, for free that sounded halfway decent. It is a simple fun book, somewhat akin to vampire acadamy, yes a teen supernatural book. But i totally got sucked in and have just bought the 5th or 6th one and read it in a day.

They are definitely not difficult reads, they are just fun. The rest of the books in the series are under $4 i think for each one on your Ereader. Great books to curl up with by the fire to pass a rainy or snowy day or someting to read while traveling when you might get distracted often.


Book review**The Rosary Girls


I love murder mystery novels, trying to figure out who did it and cut through all the red harrings. Some can be a bit too gruesome though. This was pretty perfect on the gruesome scale, there was enough there for detail but not enough to skeeve me out.

No, this is not a literary masterpiece but it could hold up against the famous murder authors.

It is a thick book but keeps you interested from page one. Definitely a good for fun read, but that is it, just for fun. You won’t better yourself in anyway for having read this, but you won’t be worse off either.

The plot was fairly predictable, it had a bit of a divinci code feel but not as good as The Divinci Code, though i didn’t see this perticular killer coming.

What is the last book you read?

Any recommendations for me?

Book Review**The Year of Fog


I found this to be a really interesting book.
It is about a woman who is walking on the beach with her fiance’s daughther, she looks away and the girl is kidnapped. No spoiler that is all in the description.

Warning, it is a slow moving book, there are little to no OMG moments but it is written beautifully. There is a lot of description and great wording. I did really enjoy this book.

And i thought it was a very great read diving into the lives of people who’s lives have been torn apart.