Blue Apron week 4 meal 1: tortilla soup

Happy Sunday!!!!

Oh man! This meal was delicious!!!!!



I enjoyed a little coffee while drinking it


My theraflu tea was putting me to sleep.


I love that it had me toast my own tortilla chips, it was super easy but took the meal to the next level.



I added a can of kidney beans to it for a little more protien and body.


I also added more cheese lol.

Once again i got about 4 meals out of this instead of 2, which makes me happy happy happy!!!

And in my box i ended up with an extra avocado and an extra bag of cilantro which worked out perfectly since i had extra soup.

Still drinking lots of tea and using essential oils to try and kick this cold. 

What did you cook this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Blue Apron week 4 meal 1: tortilla soup

    1. I have had great results with them. I am not gonna lie though after i made this i got food poisoning and i didnt each much else that day so i know it was this. But i am not going to fault them, several meals in and this is the first time it happened. I am sure there was just one bad ingredient, just like i could have gotten at the grocery store…….now if it happens again then we shall see hahahaha

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