Home, Sweet Home

It feels amazing and horrible to be back home. I missed by dog and my boyfriend but other than that I wish I could have seen more.

Back to reality means back to paying bills and going to work. Back to apartment and house hunting with the bf so we can move in together. Working on getting all my transcripts transferred over to a new school here so I can start working toward the nursing program they have now that I know where we will be staying. And I need to starting getting all my annual Dr appts set up since it’s actually been like 2+ years since I did any of that.

Obviously I am actually looking forward to moving in with my BF and getting closer and closer to nursing school is a good thing and I have nothing against health checkups except the copays hahahahaha. It just sucks to come back from vacation and I am super tired, traveling transcontinentally is difficult. Thankfully I work today then have two days off.

Went for a 1 mile walk today with the dog, need to get back to my running.

I will keep posting my Europe trip slowly but surely until it is all done.

Have a good night, talk to you tomorrow!!


Oh today.  Work was fine but apartment hunting drama ensued today. Am apartment I had applied for slipped through my fingers today due to, what I am guessing will turn out to be a clerical error on another management companies watch, caused me to lose the appointment.


These were nessesary today


Mixed some coffee in with my protein powder today.


Shared some of a coworkers energy drink.


Chocolate was also nessesary. 

However this is supposed to work out it will.
I will of course keep you posted.