Tidbits from the week

Week 5 of the quarter done, officially half way through!!! If you don’t count finals week, which I don’t because the insane studying comes before that.

I spend about 3.33 hours a week on the train now, wow when I add it up it seems like so much, along with about another 1.67 hours walking to and from the train. Makes sense why I am blowing through a book on tape every other week hahaha. It also means I spend 3.33 hours a week trying not to fall asleep on the train and miss my stop and sometimes trying very hard to ignore the crazy people around so they don’t try and talk to me.


This was a drinking week for me hahaha I had pizza with Brandon one night and I got those little bottles of Sutter’s home wine it was a nice cheap buzz and another night I opened a bottle of wine that Brandon, that is the BF’s name lol, and I bought on our first roadtrip down to Medford, OR.


The train was running late one day so I walked to the next bus stop to get in some extra steps, it was sunny so I soaked up some vitamin D. Got to walk over a cool bridge.


Got in 2.3 miles of running on Tuesday morning.


She just looked so cute I had to take a picture, don’t judge the clothes on the floor, the next day was laundry day.


I wrote out my May calendar……yikes, that always looks so intimidating at the beginning of the month.


Made slightly healthier top ramen, broke college student over here!!!!!!!!!!!


My Bio lab teacher was looking through this coloring WORKBOOk (I have only looked at coloring books) to see if she liked it and it looked amazing! I totally want it but of course its $75 on amazon.


Wednesday was another beautiful day so Artemis and I soaked up some sunshine by going on a little 2 mile walk down by the river in between my classes.


I actually had Friday off from everything!!! NO work and no school so the BF and I jumped in his car and hit the road for a mini road trip and a hike. We went just outside of Bend to Smith Rock park and did just under 4 miles, we would have stayed out a little longer but some serious wind and clouds started rolling in so we got some dinner and headed home. We hit a little snow over the pass coming back toward Portland and didn’t get home until just after 9pm so it is good we left when we did. A few parts were steep and difficult but overall it was super fun!

And with that I actually accomplished my 3 workouts this week goal!!! Woohoo!!!

Tidbits from the week

Well week two of spring semester is over and here is how it went:


I had all my HW for the beginning of the week done by Saturday morning! Score!! Sunday morning I spent a little time studying for the quiz I had on Monday and did a quick refresher Sunday night! Sunday morning I may have forgot to hit the snooze button and instead just turned my alarm off resulting in  an extra 40 minutes of sleep and waking up to the alarm telling me to head out the door, whoops!!!! Normally I make the 6:14am train but I thought there was a 6:29am train that would let me make it JUST in time…….except its the weekend so the next train wasn’t until 6:49! That would not work so I drove to work and parked on the street, meter parking sucks as does driving in Portland and running late meant I had no breakfast and no coffee. I ran down the street to get some coffee on my break and somehow paid more than I would have paid at Starbucks. But I got coffee and that is all that mattered!

Here is what I am currently listening to on my train rides and any walks with the dog. For running it will be this or something a little faster paced, like a murder mystery or thriller.

I got some meals prepped Sunday night but that was my dinner to eat at work, I didn’t get any lunch prepped to scarf down between classes, insert Subway.

I got an 80 on my first bio quiz, not horrible but not great. Just let’s me know what I need to work on.

I have company in the kitchen when packing my dinner for work, she likes to sit on the rug right under my feet, it has led to me tripping many times hahahaha

I have my dad’s old thermos that he used when he was a cop and man this baby is awesome! I fill it with hot coffee before I leave for class, around noon and I get hot coffee at 3, still at 5, still at 8 and it is even still warm the next morning!! It’s amazing!

All loaded up for work. I take my school work with me along with my suit jacket and heels to change into at work and my lunch. I think this thing gets heavier every week.

My one big adventure this week was my relief not showing up on time one night and I missed my train! Which is of course the last train of the night………thanks to data on my phone I was able to pull up the transit system website and plan my trip back to my car on a late bus, of course the bus didn’t arrive for 40 minutes so I got to sit at night at a bus stop for 40 minutes alone. Then I was so tired by the time the bus got there that I was a little in and out of it and dozed on the bus only to miss my stop!!!!! Thankfully someone pulled the stop in front of mine, I woke up and got off. I was home an hour later than normal but I got home safe and that is what matters.

First assignment due next Wednesday that deals with anatomy!!! Love it! But man is this complicated stuff! And its only the basics, but I got it hahahaha.

Hope you had a great week!!!!!