Monday Motivation**April 24, 2017

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Where did April go????!!!!! Are we seriously in the last week of April already? And I am in week 4 of school, only 1.5 more months in this quarter. I have gotten a good routine down but I will admit it includes coffee or an energery drink prettt much every day hahaha! But I limit it to one French press’ worth (generally) which is only about 1 1/4 cup. I don’t think that is too bad.

I am also pretty adjusted to working while going to school again, it is just very fatiguing. I am slowly finding the energy to do it all. 

I got in 2 ‘workouts’ last week. A short run Tuesday morning and an hour+ walk with the BF and the dog on Friday. 

My goal this week is 3 workouts.

I cannot wait for this quarter to be over so I can actually have 1 whole day off.

Enjoy the last full week of April 2017! Make it count because you will never get it back!

One thought on “Monday Motivation**April 24, 2017

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