Tidbits from the week

Week 3 of spring semester has come and gone. Today is Earth day!!! Get out there and celebrate! If your weather isn’t horrible get out there and walk, run, hike, bike or whatever! Maybe enjoy a picnic outside with someone special? I am at a desk now but I got out in the sun yesterday, today rain is forecast all day.

This week was exhausting, I am not really sure why it was so tiring nothing that different happened.

I had work on Sunday, ran home to see the pup and let her out then I left to go see the BF, Artemis was not too happy with me but we will have all Tuesday morning together. The BF and I made veggie fettuccini that was delicious, it probably would have been even better if I didn’t rush it but I was hungry. We also watched a few episodes of Code Black which is my new obsession.

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Monday I felt like I was rushing all day. I didn’t get as much sleep as I would like, Artemis had to go out at 6am (probably pay back for leaving her alone all day Sunday). Got out the door 3 minutes late to my first class and barley stayed focused during it. Ran errands on my break between classes and grabbed lunch because i didn’t want to worry about the time it would take to make something


But managed to be quick about everything and was able to sit down and home and eat lunch with Artemis and spend about 30 minutes with her,

then packed for work, rushed off to Chem class (I think I fell asleep with my eyes open) then rushed to catch the train and tried not to fall asleep on the train.

I got puppy cuddles on Tuesday morning, she cuddles a lot more when I am gone more than I am home.

We also went out for a little walk/run Tuesday morning.

Wednesday was another day of running around and feeling busy. By Wednesday night I am just wiped out.

Thursday I had dinner and drinks with a friend, girl time is a must!

Friday it was so beautiful out! I got lots of chores done then Artemis, the BF and I went for a walk around the river then relaxed the rest of the night.

And now it is Saturday morning, I am back at work, going to try and get some HW done and grab an energy drink on my break because I did not sleep well last night.

Hope you all had an awesome week!!

What is the most tiring day of your week?

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