Monday Motivation**April 17, 2017

Good Morning!!!!

(Image from google)

Today is going to be a busy day, I am heading out the door to bio, then back home to let the dog out and get ready for work, then back to chemistry class, then rush to the train to work. Then I will be rushing to catch the last train back out at 11:16pm to get home and head to sleep.

My goal this week is 3 workouts. I managed 2 last week.

Week 3 of school and working full time. I still got this! But I will admit I am so tired come Tuesday/Wednesday that my “weekend” aka the two days I don’t work and only have labs in the morning are spent just resting. I need to figure something out because I feel like I am constantly dragging, and am drinking way too many energy drinks. Maybe I will start napping Thursday afternoons before the BF gets here so I am a little more rested so that we can get out and do things instead of just watch TV/movies because I am so tired. I will keep you posted.

What are your goals for the week?

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