Monday Motivation**April 10, 2017

How is your Monday going so far??

(Image from google)

I am about to run out the door to Bio class then head home and let the dog out and pack everything for work tonight, then back to school for chemistry class then rush to my car to try and get to the train as early as possible to get to work on time! Woohoo!

It is week 2 of classes and so far so good. It is my 2nd week of school and working full time and I am easing into the schedule.

My goal for working out is to actually work out 3 times , in any form.

I have been looking at the weather and it looks like Tuesday morning it might not be raining and it doesn’t look like it will be freezing! If this holds true the pup and I will be out running!!!

Saturday looks like the afternoon might even have a little sun, we are running again!!

Every other day has rain, but if I can get the pup out 2 days this week for a run I will feel a little better about getting myself to the gym one day without her. Maybe Thursday after lab. Because I am gone so much now with work and school I feel bad leaving her to go to the gym. Which also means if this keeps up I might cancel my gym membership, no point in paying if I end up not going. I’ll keep you posed on that idea.

My sleep schedule is going good, it still needs refinement but I managed to keep most days pretty consistent……mostly.

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