Book Review X2**Roses are Red and Violets are Blue


 (images are from google)

Howdy!! These two book are from the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. One of these I listened to as a book on tape and one I read the physical book that I found on sale in a little bookshop the weekend the boyfriend and I spent in Long Beach, WA.

I love series books because if you like the character you don’t just get one book then never read about them again, you really get to delve into their lives (yes I know they are fake people). When I find a character I like I love to keep reading their story. These are not difficult or time consuming books, there is no bigger picture to look for or anything that really needs a lot of brain power, which is probably also why I like them. You don’t really have to think, it is a nice break from the classics or books that make you dig deep, hmmm as I say that it doesn’t sound like a compliment to the book but I do mean it as a compliment. In our busy lives this is a great book to be able to read as an escape.

Warning: these books can be graphic, they are books about psycho murderers.

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