More than half way done

So stoked!!! We are on the downhill of the week!!!

Everyone at work seemed to be tired today. 

I only drank 1/3 of it. I am careful about my energy drink consumption since they aren’t very good for you.  

This was the protien sample I tried. I think I might order some to interchange with my vega. 

They got a lot of work done next door. Poor people lost everything.  

Trying to do high protien, low carb for a month. Everything has carbs! What the hell!!!!!????

Mushroom chicken and beef and broccoli,  I ate the beef and broccoli on the way home. 

No cookie for me. Oh and what is up with Panda Express’ new fortunes???!! They aren’t even really fortunes, they suck!!!!

My awesome roommate brought me a Starbucks!! I drank a little of it and threw the rest in the freezer for tomorrow. I have started getting soy milk in it to limit my dairy. 

Quick speed workout. I really didn’t want to do anything tonight but I forced myself to do a little something. 

And chugging down some more protien before bed. 

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