Crappy morning

I slept in this morning which was wonderful but at 7:30 on the dot workmen showed up to work on the other burned out half of the Duplex, finally. 

Remember that?

The workmen showing up isn’t the problem,  the problem is that my poor puppy was scared out of her mind! She does not do well with loud noises. She was shaking so bad. 

I wrapped her up on the couch

If I held her close she would stop shaking 

This sad mommy did not want to leave her baby to go to work. I am stressed out!

It is going to be a long day because I am going to be worried about her. 

On another note, I tried a sample of protien powder this morning, cookies and cream flavored, it’s like they know me!!!!!

I love cookies and cream ice cream so this was right up my alley. 

It has actual cookie bits in it! I’m excited about that. 

It is pretty tasty. 

I may consider ordering some of this to supplement my vega chocolate and greens for a little change now and then. 

It is whey protien which I don’t love but if I only take it now and then it shouldn’t be too bad. 
What kind of protien powder do you like?

Favorite flavor?

I tend to be chocolate all the way but I haven’t tried too many others, mostly because I want a vegan protien powder for my main protien. But I think I will be branching out a bit. 

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