Progress on the house

Thanks to this plastic bag protecting what has not been sealed we now have a working shower!!!!! It was AMAZING to take a shower in my own house for the first time in over a month hahahaha.

I am so in love with the tile. It turned out even better than I hoped.

Oh yes we did, it will go perfectly with the other d├ęcor hahahahah.

One of my birthday presents from Brandon was a new memory foam cooling mattress!!!! My mattress is now 14 years old and though it was a really good quality mattress it is starting to kill my back so new mattress time!

It takes up to 48 hours to fully re-inflate.

Now that the house is slowly coming together a steady cleaning schedule is developing which means I need a halfway decent mop. I found this on amazon, it is all reusable and refillable so I think this will be my starter mop.

Welcome to home ownership, you are constantly cleaning and take care of your house. I am slowly building weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance lists. BUT I LOVE IT!!!! It is our HOME and I want to have pride in it.

Look at that face!!!!

Oh my god she is so flipping cute!

No long run this week either

Next week, no matter what I HAVE to go for a long run. Even if it’s hot and I have to do a few miles in the morning then do the rest at the gym or something. 

 I have given myself 1 hour this morning to have some breakfast and relax then I have to get out and get at least 4 miles done and I can maybe add a few tonight. 

It’s difficult because I feel like I have so much to do, but I need to run to A) stay sane and B) you know train for that little marathon I have coming up lol

Once top of needing to unpack our new place has no dishwasher so I am trying to slowly make it through all the dishes and Tupperware that I’ve had sitting in boxes so I can get them cleaned and put away…..OH MY God dishes take soooo to dry. And our new washer and dryer…..well the washer works, the dryer stopped during the first load and won’t start again. Gotta figure that out but that means no laundry. 

We do have a line in the backyard 

But apparently you are supposed to wipe it down before you use it…..this is going to be interesting.  

On a happier note I got my Stitchfix and LOVE it! So does my roommate lol. She is going to buy the box with me 

Shirt dress

Cardigan, love the pockets

Cute take top that I can wear with jeans or this awesome skirt….

And this bangle

Sorry for the ranting I’m just in a mood. And since the kitchen isn’t unpacked I’ve been eating crap fast food and way too much of it which I know does not help my patience and happiness. 

She passes out during the heat and refuses to help.