We move really soon!!!!!

WOW so we thought we had at least a week but we got the keys last Friday!!! We immediately got in and started cleaning. We got some basic cleaning done, a little mopping and wiping down of things. We are borrowing Brandon’s brother’s carpet shampooer washer thing and I have managed to get 2 rooms done so far.

And we started demo on the bathroom!!!! It was pretty bad so we are gutting it and redoing it….on a strict budget lol.



Check out my YouTube for a few videos that I uploaded there but didn’t get a change to add to this blog.

I also got a pear tree ordered as well as a fig tree/bush and a raspberry bush. They will ship out to us the 1st week of March. Slowly but surely we are picking things up. Brandon researched internet companies and picked up a modem for us as well as new locks for the doors.

I have also been picking up fun but cheap decorating ideas on pinterest, can we say coffee/tea bar!!!!! Yes!!!!

I have also been working on the layout for the backyard garden. I can’t wait to see everything come to life!

I have been having a lot of fun practicing my mini-farming/homesteading skills. Last week I took the leftover stuff from the roast chicken I made and threw it in a pot, added a little extra seasoning and the tops and bottoms of some of the veggies I juiced, covered it all with water and made some chicken stock to freeze for later. I also made slow cooker dog food to mix with Artemis’ dry food and shook whipping cream into homemade butter hahahahaha! Then I split that butter in half and made some honey butter to freeze! Now I can’t wait to try and get some raw milk and try to really make our own butter, the hunt is on! It was actually really fun and a good workout.

I think with school though I am going to have to ease into the mini-farm a bit slower than I would have liked, we might hold off on chickens until next year when I have a rhythm down a little more and we are more settled. But I will still be planting a good amount.

I will keep you posted!

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