Tidbits for the week




I ate good and bad lol. Day off from running.


Day 2 of pre-cleanse

Had half a bagel for breakfast then went for a walk with the roommate. Made myself a midmorning juice if carrots, apples, blueberries, ginger and 1 kale leaf.

Lunch was leftover homemade pizza then the bf came over and we (or at least I) struggled through every step. We got 4 miles

Then the bf took me to dinner to have breakfast which is what i was craving

Photo from google because i was too hungry to take a picture before i ate.


Didn’t really do anything exciting, I sat on my butt most of the day and relaxed. I got some grocery shopping done though. The only pre-cleanse thing I did was to have my warm lemon water with ginger.

The cleanse starts tomorrow!!!! AHHHHH this is going to be very difficult for me lol, I love my food. See you tomorrow!!!

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