A Wonderful Discovery 

I had a good weekend with the boyfriend, we saw Hacksaw Ridge which was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend it, though it is pretty gory but an amazing story. 

Then he took me for frozen yogurt, i had only been once many years ago, and holy crap this stuff is amazing !!

All the deliciousness of ice cream with toppings and less calories!!

We also went for a run, well 3/4 run and 1/4 walk

And we went slooow. 

I am still a little sick and weak. 

I went for a run yesterday too and i could run for about 3-4 minutes with my heartrate in its normal range then it would jump up to the 190s and i’d slow down.

 Also i don’t  think I’ve been drinkinh enough water so i need to up that. 

I have been eating simple and inexpensive food

I’ve also been eating less lately, except the weekends when i eat out with the boyfriend several times. 

I’ve been reading more which is awesome but the life of leisure is starting to wear on me, mostly because lack of funds os stressful. But I’m kicking it into gear studying for my personal training certification. 

I’ll keep you posted.

In conclusion, head to a frozen yogurt shop ASAP.  

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