Weekend Wrap up

The rain managed to actually stay away most of the weekend which was lovely.  It hit Saturday night and late today afternoon/evening.

Last night poor Artemis didnt feel too good. Her tummy was making all kinds of crazy sounds and she wasn’t hungry. She got better though thankfully and when i woke up her food was eaten and she has gotten better and better today.



My guess is she either ate something she shouldn’t have or just had a little upset tummy. Either way it just needed to work its way out of her system which it did today.

The roomies and i FINALLY took our tree down…….yes i mean Christmas tree lol. It only took us until March..not too bad right? Lol

On another but way worse roomie note, my roommates care got stolen out of our driveway last night?! I feel so bad for her. I am so thankful my car has an alarm and GPS so the cops can track it if anything ever happens. Knock on wood.

Other sad news i own almost 5k in medical bills from my surgery in October. Insurance denied my paying more because it was an out of network provider. Oy, this being an adult stuff rocks. Thankfully i can set up a payment plan.

In happier news…..
The tomato and pepper starters are exploding!!!


I am so excited!

Also i ran 4 miles today!!! And the 4 miles we outside!!!!



Artemis ran the first 1.5 miles with me then she got tired so i dropped her off at home. Shes getting over  her tummy troubles so i didn’t want to push it. 

So i workout a pretty good amount. These are the things that help keep me going. Along with pre-workout, protien and recovery but ill talk about that another day.


I also did a lot of reading this weekend which was glorius.


Do you take any suppliments?

What’s the weather like where you are?

If you have dogs, do they run with you?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap up

  1. The weather here is rainier than yours. Buddy doesn’t know how to walk, so it’s always a sprint!!! lol
    I have started Vit B & D along with a women’s daily GUMMI BEAR multi-vitamin, it’s like eating candy!!!! Haha

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