Hi!!!! The weekend has arrived!!!


It was a long day, i broke down and got skittles, this is how i eat them. A small handful at a time and i sort each handful by color/flavor.

When i got home i did a bit of spanish.



I got some amazon deliveries.


I am listening to this right now while i read. It is natural sounds like the ocean, a steady rain, birds in the rainforest etc.


I got these for meditations but they are also just super peaceful.


Got this for my studying.


And this is what i am currently reading so look for a book review on it in a few weeks.

I know, it sounds like a seriously exciting night? How do i keep up with this hard partying at my age, well years of practice lol.

I have decided that i will adopt mama (the dog). My roommate has conveyed this to the owner and now we wait. But she now feels like my fur baby and i want her with me asap!!!! I will keep too posted.

What did your Friday night consist of?


Ooooooh i am stoked i made my first post surgery training appt!!!! Monday November 16th i will be working out upper body. I can’t wait!!!!

And i cant wait until mama and i can get out and do some runs/walks together!

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